Media Kit/Press

First and foremost, THANK YOU SO MUCH for considering working with me! I’m proud to say my work has now been published in Huffington Post, and I went on my first press trip in 2015. I’m sure you are probably curious as to whether I have the experience and qualifications to write for your publication or promote your brand or city. The links below are just a sampling of the publications I’ve worked with and cities I’ve written about:

Huffington Post mentions

25 Girls Travel Bloggers and Their Favorite Destinations

21 Awesome Travelers and Their Valentine Retreats 

Press Trip/tourism board ClipS

Luxurious Hacienda Del Sol Resort in Tucson:  A Taste of History for Sun Seekers

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun:  An Artist’s Mecca in Tucson

TBEX Reflections:  Exciting Highlights and Tips for First Timers

Below is my media kit including established rates.  All rates are negotiable and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me at bobbi.gould@yahoo.com. In case you were wondering, I also designed this media kit and my entire website on my own.