Life in HEAVEN at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya!

Hard Rock Hotel main entrance

There are no words to express how amazing my time was at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, but I’ll try my best!  This adults only all inclusive resort also has another section that is family friendly, but I didn’t spend any time there so this review is strictly about Heaven-the adult side. First and foremost, if you have never visited a Hard Rock property, then you need to do yourself a favor and get some rock star treatment stat. I’ve been blessed enough to stay at the Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta, Hard Rock Riviera Maya, and most recently also did a site inspection at Hard Rock Cancun.  Each property has its own advantages and disadvantages, which I’ll get into more later.  But first, let’s get down to the basics.



Overall, the rooms are exquisite and the epitome of luxury.  The bed was extremely comfortable, which is obviously the most important aspect! The bathroom was equally as pristine.  I wasn’t as impressed with the rooms here in comparison to Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta, but I’m not going to complain when I’m stuffing free room service down my gullet surrounded by beauty.  And, did I mention, the liquor in the room is FREE too?  That’s right, no worrying about all those added costs upon checkout!  Other bonuses include the hammock and the en suite hydro spa tub!

HRHroomdeluxegold HRhdeluxebalcony




I was really impressed with the pool!  It was very expansive, had many different places to swim alone, and an immaculate design.  There was even a place to swim in the ocean water where you won’t get sucked into the waves. (pictured below to the right)  The only downfall is that I felt like there wasn’t nearly as much pool entertainment as there was at Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta, BUT to be fair the weather was terrible during my trip and I wasn’t at the pool nearly as much as I would have liked.

HRHRMpool HRHRMpool2



It’s always nice to pull up to one of these resorts and be treated like royalty.  They excel in this area greatly. From the cool washcloths upon entrance, to the superior customer service, I could not have asked for better staff. I have this obsession with monkeys and even requested that one of the doormen take me on a special quest to find some monkeys that were spotted on the property.  He did it, no questions asked, and it ended up being one of the highlights of my time there.  I was able to get so close to the monkeys!

HRHRMyay Bmonkey2



Hands down the BEST I’ve seen!  Check out a couple of these pictures I took!

HRhrivieramaya2 HRHRMdecor



Let me just say I’ve seen my fair share of clubs.  A pool inside the club is always a nice added touch. The only other one I’ve seen with a pool is the XS in Las Vegas.  The thing that wowed me the most were the 2 hot tubs, although I must admit when I think about a hot tub in a club one thing comes to mind:  GIANT SESS POOL!  I never managed to make it in there but watched many others from afar.




A+ for selection and taste, but please note I have never and will never say I am much of a foodie AT ALL!  In fact, I’d rather eat apples and top ramen than spend money on food.  That money could be spent on a trip! I do know the goat cheese here was to die for. I may have ordered room service one too many times strictly for the goat cheese. 😉

I would have to say that overall my experience staying at the resort was exceptional!  If you have never stayed at any Hard Rock Hotel before, and are craving an adult only all-inclusive experience, they certainly cater to young (or young mentality) crowd.  I’m not going to say there wasn’t anyone over the age of 50 there, but the ones that were, knew how to ROCK!  Have you stayed at a Hard Rock Hotel before? What was your experience like OR what is your favorite resort? Please chime in by leaving a comment below or share this experience with others!  Follow me at any of the links above for future travel posts.


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