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Adventures in Tulum

Adventures in Tulum!


adventures in tulum

If you have read any of my other travel stories, you’d know I’m one who enjoys stepping outside of the typical tourist traps. This trip to the Riviera Maya was no exception.  I wanted to go somewhere I’d never heard of or knew very little about. Thus began my adventure to the Ruins of Tulum!

It was a blustery rainy windy day, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from tackling the ruins.  I hailed a taxi from where I was staying at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya and the driver knew exactly where to go. Pulling into the town, it could very easily have been missed if you weren’t paying attention. Fortunately there were a few people out so I could dismiss the fact that perhaps he was taking me to rapesville.  There is a short walk to entrance which is about a half a mile or so.  At this point, I’m holding an umbrella, a jacket, my bag, a camera, and cursing myself for not traveling lighter because I’m overheating in the humidity but it’s acceptable because I’m on a mission here people!  It is important to note that you actually do have to pay a fee to get into the ruins, but it was very minimal. ($35-40 pesos-an extra $30 for video cameras)

At first sight, the ruins were stunning!  I hadn’t experienced a wow factor like that since I laid eyes on the Great Barrier Reef (read more about that HERE) or Venice, Italy. Some structures had brief history lessons, but others were somewhat of a guessing game.  I found out afterwards that there are tour guides who will take you through the ruins and explain the history for $35, but unfortunately nobody had mentioned this to me upon my arrival to the ruins or I would have taken full advantage!

In the meantime, I had a group of gentlemen that noticed me struggling to take selfies and offered to take a few pictures of me.  I certainly felt a positive and overall calm energy among the ruins, despite the fact that it was so gloomy outside.  This could be due to the fact that Tulum was also a religious center for priests protecting the sacred leaders back then.


Tulum is distinct as it is one of few walled cities built by the Mayans and also one of the only Mayan cities that is well preserved and contains its own pristine beach on the Caribbean! Where else can you walk on the beach, grab a bite of authentic mexican food, see ancient Mayan temples, and explore the eccentricities of a small town in one place?  I didn’t know this at the time, but there is also a place along the road on your immediate right where the Mayan Pole Flyers do their pole flying. They perform throughout the day and you can sit and watch! You could spend a few hours, or a day depending on your mood.  If you can manage to get there, DO IT!  TRAVEL OUT LOUD! 🙂









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