5 Tips For Touring Antelope Canyon!


I’d been wanting to go to Antelope Canyon ever since I moved to Flagstaff in June, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to finally make the 2 hour drive to Antelope Canyon. I had made an attempt to go a few months earlier, but it was a failure. Little did I know, while most of Arizona does not adhere to a time change, the Navajo Nation does, and therefore the 1 hour time change from Flagstaff to Page threw us for a loop. I missed the tour time, and was forced to go back home after a brief visit to Horseshoe Bend. Between then and my latest venture, I have learned a few tips for exploring Lower Antelope Canyon I think you should know:

1.  This visit was to the Lower Antelope Canyon which I thought was GORGEOUS!  It is the ninth wonder of the world and has been photographed time and time again.  They have multiple weddings there, and often even magazine photo shoots.   Our tour guide, Mouse (yes as in Mickey) said he was the fortunate soul to lead a Maxim magazine tour group.   I’m sure the scenery was plentiful that day.

2.  The Upper Antelope Canyon REQUIRES a reservation and although it is supposedly better for amazing pictures, it is also completely overcrowded the majority of the time.  From what I hear they rush you through, there are too many people to get good photographs, and it’s just a frenzy!

3.  As of today, there is ONE tour on the Lower Antelope Canyon which does not require a reservation: http://www.lakepowelllife.com/lower-antelope-canyon-tours/.  You DO, HOWEVER, need a tour guide. So don’t be driving over there thinking you can barrel through the canyons on your own you little trailblazer.

4.  Lower Antelope Canyon DOES have a fairly steep decline of stairs. If you can’t handle that, you probably should go to the Upper Canyon.

5.  This tour did have free water, but there is not much else out there in Page, so plan ahead and eat plenty before you leave. Also, I didn’t happen to see any restrooms at the parking area but maybe I missed the port-a-potty as we jetted out as soon as we rolled in!

Lower Antelope Canyon stairs

Some of the stairs leading into Lower Antelope Canyon. I’d say they are steeper than they appear! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bantelope11 BJantelope

Now that we have those out of the way, let’s get to story time!  Like I said, there are two different canyons. The upper antelope canyon is the first one you will see when you come into town.  If you head further down  the road the lower antelope canyon, which is fairly easy to spot, awaits.  We caught the 1:00 tour time, which was AMAZING because there were literally only 6 other people in our group. This is very rare!  The cost was $28 per person.

Our guide Mouse, (yes, like Mickey) had grown up in the area and played in these slot canyons as a child, so he knew every nook and cranny and was very knowledgeable about the canyons. He showed us incredible photography tricks and informed us what speed we should put our cameras on. It was almost a photography lesson and a tour!  We were so lucky to have him.

After a short walk (probably 3/4 of a mile) to the canyon, we had to walk down some stairs that were fairly inclined.  And then, the beauty sunk in. It completely astonishes me that this was made from years of flowing water and winds!  Every turn equated to an angle that was even more breathtaking than the last. To be honest, it was hard to take a bad picture!


The tour lasted about 2 hours and was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen.  I was enamored and wish it was possible to go in the canyon alone, without anyone else around, to feel the spiritual energy inside.  I highly recommend going if you are ever in the Arizona area! It was well worth the money from my standpoint.



Have you been to Antelope Canyon?!  If not, what do you think is the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited?!


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27 thoughts on “5 Tips For Touring Antelope Canyon!

  1. Sophie

    I’ve seen so many photos of antelope canyon and it looks like an incredible place to visit. The formation of the rocks and the colours are amazing.

  2. Meg Jerrard

    Thanks for these tips! I would love to get to Antelope Canyon – it really does look like one of the most amazing destinations on the globe. Pity to hear that despite needing a reservation the upper canyon is still completely overcrowded, but I guess you’re going to get that when the world hears of an attraction this beautiful. Hopefully the tourists don’t detract too much from the overall experience 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your time X
    Meg Jerrard recently posted…Reality Check: Why Travelers With Less Money are Travelling Longer Than YouMy Profile

    1. James Bonds

      Just came back from there march is perfect, spring break but I’m sure nothing like the summer. I did upper and had adequate time to shoot what I needed and our guide Jazz was awesome, she knew the perfect setting for my Canon 5dmkIII.

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  4. Julie P

    We are going in July and I had heard that if you can only go to one, you should go to the lower canyon. Is this true? Also is there a number I can call to get reservations ahead of time? I kind of don’t want to leave it to chance to catch the one tour of the day that doesn’t need a reservation….or does that “one” tour refer to the type of tour and not how many times it’s offered? I just have so many questions that I would feel more confident connecting with someone, rather than just trying to poke around online…

  5. Valya


    I read your blog and thought it was rather helpful. Thank you for sharing. Looking to book the same tour in February. May I ask who you went through to book your tour? All of the booking sites I’m looking at are asking for about 40-60 bucks.

    Thank you,

  6. Dota

    The Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful creations of nature. I love the images that you have chosen for the article. You can almost imagine yourself in this red and orange jungle of rock and dust. Truly remarkable 🙂

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