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  1. Katie Pollard

    Hi Bobbi,

    My name is Katie and I work within the Marketing team at the social media app Tagstr. We are a new platform that allows you to discover, explore and share photos, video and audio with the world. Check us out here >>> http://www.tagstr.co

    As a developing app, we have already collaborated with many social media influencers, including bloggers, celebrities and Instagram influencers who all have large and loyal followings.

    Now, we are looking to create our own ambassadors who will become the ‘faces’ of Tagstr. We are going to launch our own influencers who will use and promote the app to their following. This is to gain exposure for yourself and grow as an influencer on Tagstr.

    I have come across your Instagram profile and think that you would be a perfect fit for our new and exclusive ‘Tagstr Ambassador Campaign’ for our Travel category.

    Do you follow bloggers/influencers on Instagram who head up campaigns and ads for brands? Well, we want YOU to do this for us.

    If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the ever-growing world of social media, where better to do this than with a global platform that has 20 million+ uploads since January?

    I look forward to discussing this further with you and how we can collaborate in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Katie Pollard

    The Tagstr Team.
    Mobile: +44 796 705 4542
    Email: Katie@tagstr.co
    Website: Tagstr.co

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there! I’d love the opportunity to do so! Please let me know what steps I’d need to take in order to complete this. Thanks!

  2. Kshaun

    Hi Bobbi,

    I stumbled upon your blog when trying to find other blogs that accept guest posts. After going through your archives for a bit I meandered over to your “About me” section and somehow your words struck a chord in me. They evoked the same feelings that were the reason why I left my corporate job – to lead an extraordinary life while doing something I like doing.

    We are 3 brothers who pine to go outdoors and building useful stuff. The idea about building a website to showcase adventures from around the world came to us when I found it surprisingly difficult to find quality adventure guides on the internet. It was the one nudge we needed to pursue a path that fit exactly with we always wanted, and we took the plunge.

    It has been 2 months since we are building our website and collecting content. But we started our blog (blog.alienadv.com) with relevant and insightful articles on adventure travels. And this is the reason I contact you.

    With experiences from around the world, I would love to have your thoughts as a seasoned traveler on our blog. After all that is the primary purpose of a blog. Or, if you find the content of our blog interesting, perhaps you can mention it in your blog.

    I’m guessing you’re fairly busy but hope you can spare some time for this. Would be very helpful of you.

    Keep adventuring!


  3. Jane


    TRAVEL ADVENTURE BLOGS – http://www.traveladventureblogs.com

    Your Have Been Nominated for ~ Favourite Blogs Award- Celebrating our favourite blogs!

    Email the following details to janebarnes.au@gmail.com

    1. Name of Your Blog & URL
    2. A few paragraphs to introduce your blog & yourself
    3. An image to use as the featured image, 950 x 1200 horizontal preferred).
    4. Include the name and URL of a blogger you will nominate to be included.

    Then, copy this message and send it to the owner of a favourite blog you would like to nominate please!

    A social media mention about Travel Adventure Blogs would be appreciated, though certainly not obligatory.

    Thank you from traveladventureblogs.com


  4. Alexandra Rogin

    Hello Bobbi,

    I’m Alexandra Rogin from the Italian Breaks travel blog; a blog about everything related to travelling and with focus on Italy and Italian accommodations. Right now I’m dropping an email as I recently put together this article (that also has a fun quiz at the end!):


    The post is sort of a love guide for people who are interested in Italy and Italian culture; the people there have specific ways of perceiving love.

    Hope you love it and if you can help me share it out at all it would be much appreciated.
    Any questions, just give me a shout.

    Thank you,

  5. Irfan Farooq


    Hope you are doing well!

    I came across your blog and got impressed with the quality of content as well as frequent updates are looking great!

    I was wondering if you do accept in-content text link placement on an existing blog post of your blog 1fungrltravels.com If yes, please reply me with price per link placement.

    Also, if you do allow sponsored post, do let me know price per sponsored post.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon


  6. Raquel

    Hi Bobbi!

    My name is Raquel and I am writing to you from Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace in the UK.

    Our next publication concerns successful travel bloggers and I am glad to announce that your blog is nominated for the list “TOP Travel Bloggers of 2016” by Market Inspector.

    We are selecting some inspiring stories and tips from top travel bloggers that started their blogs as just a passion and have now become amazing and award-winning pages to inspire escapes worldwide.

    Two Bad Tourists is a great example of this happy and successful marriage of travel + blogging!

    If interested in this award, we would kindly ask you to describe 1) How you started your travel blog; 2) What travelling means to you; and a photo/logo, which will be part of the blog description.

    The full list will be published soon! I hope you are interested in this collaboration which will certainly enhance your visibility and inspire other travel lovers.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Happy travelling!

    Best regards,

  7. Hazel

    Hi Bobbi

    Hope you’re well! My name is Hazel and I’m contacting you from peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, WeSwap.

    We have some partnership opportunities coming up and you look like an ideal candidate. I especially liked your post on the selfie sticks, had me giggling in the office. I think that our user base is well aligned with your readership – which is very helpful.

    In short, WeSwap is a currency exchange platform that allows travellers heading in opposite directions to swap their travel money directly. It’s significantly cheaper than banks and bureaux and we oversee the swap to ensure a fast, painless and secure process. For that we take a flat rate so we can keep on doing what we are doing. We now have over 100,000 customers and are expanding globally. Check out our website here: https://www.weswap.com/en/

    We were thinking we could put some money on a WeSwap card and ask you to use our card and app on your travels. You would then review us and let your followers know about our product? We would also be promoting your piece across our social media channels too – we have over 10k friends on Facebook and 3k followers on Twitter. We have found the product to be particularly popular amongst frequent and intrepid travellers so your audience will hopefully be interested.

    Also, if you enjoy using WeSwap (which I’m sure you will!), we are recruiting bloggers from around the world to be a part of our Super Swapper programme, which is a bit like being a brand ambassador. You can earn travel money simply by spreading the word about WeSwap and getting people to sign up.

    Here’s the low down on how our referral scheme works:

    • £5 for each new member who joins (£10 for a limited time only!)
    • £2 once they swap £300 in the first 6 months
    • £3 once they swap £600 in the first 6 months
    • On top of this, you can earn travel bonuses for doing a great job e.g. Eurostar vouchers, free trips etc.

    If you like what you see, please drop me a line back and we can talk further. We’re quite open-minded and would love to hear any thoughts and ideas you might have.

    All the best


  8. Karina Ramos

    Hi Bobbi,

    I’m Karina from BookSinglesHolidays.com, I was browsing through your site and noticed that you have featured post about travel tips.

    I am reaching out to you to suggest a new and updated post to share on your blog: “Top 15 Most Popular Travel Hashtags”. With new hashtags ‘popping up’ everyday, we know that popularity of hashtags constantly changes, the good news is that we based our list on the most recent & current data!

    Do give it a look and feel free to share it with your followers, we think that the list can come in handy to get even more exposure on social media!

    Here’s the link: https://www.booksinglesholidays.com/news/top-15-most-popular-travel-hashtags.

    Let me know what you think and keep up the awesome job!

    PS: If you are interested in submitting an article to our blog or collaboration opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Karina Ramos.

  9. Silvi Galmozzi

    Good morning and Happy New Year!

    My name is Silvi Galmozzi and we both posted our businesses and services on the “New to Bend” Facebook page a few days ago.

    I wanted to take this time to share with you what I do at The Wolf Advantage (thewolfadvantage.com). I recently joined their team and it has been so much fun and rewarding to help companies, teams, families and individuals learn to master their communication skills.

    At The Wolf Advantage we work with professionals like yourself, on mastering the power of Body Language, Non-verbal communication and Personality, via group trainings and 1:1 coaching.

    You might be wondering why reading and correctly interpreting body language is important to succeed in business and life….

    Learning body language has a number of great advantages. Not only will it help you connect with people, but it might also grow your business!

    1. Connect more authentically with people

    Studies have showed that up to 93% of human communication is through our body language. Most of just go through life thinking about what to say, and not how to say it.

    Learning body language will help you connect with people better because it will allow you to expand your communication abilities. You will be able to pick up on tiny gestures other people make, allowing you to understand them better leading to a more effective personal connection.

    2. Grow your business

    If you are an entrepreneur, manager, part of a team or just an individual that interacts with other people on regular basis…it’s important to know how to read and understand body language. Correctly recognizing and adapting to someone’s body language can help you connect with that person, which can make or break your business deal.

    Have you even thought you nailed a business presentation but walked away without a deal? Perhaps during the meeting you failed to notice that your prospect crosses their arms, interlocks their ankles and turns their torso away from you. In the end, when you walk away without a deal, you are confused as you thought you did a great presentation.

    Learning to recognize such body language can really help you during conversations and presentations. Addressing the body language may just save the conversation and save your deal. In the long run, this can save you time and help you close the deal!

    3. Prevents Conflict

    There’s a special type of body language used when been angry or upset. By learning defensive body language and anger nonverbals you are able to detect that someone is upset before you can use calming body language to help the situation further before it escalates.

    4. Improve Your Presence

    By learning about body language you’re also going to learn about your own presence. What kind of signals are you sending out? How do other people perceive you? What do they make of your posture? When you start learning about body language you become a lot more aware of your own body to improve your presence and connect more effectively with your counterparts.

    5. Open Up Your World

    Have you ever wanted to buy a specific type of car? Suddenly you see them everywhere! They’re parked everywhere! They drive by your office and a friend suddenly starts talking about it. Has the car suddenly been sold hundreds of times since you made up your mind? No, probably not. It’s your brain that’s been told to look for them, which is now pointing out every single occurrence of the car.

    The same thing will happen with body language. There’s so much going on in normal conversations that we’re not aware of. Did you know that in a 30 minutes conversation, people could send over 800 nonverbal signals?

    By learning body language you can tell your brain to actively interpret these nonbervals and you’ll be amazed at how much you can suddenly see. You will begin to discover an extra layer of information to work with.

    This is an exciting skill and I look forward to talk with you more about it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my email!

    Silvi Galmozzi

    Body Language Trainer @ The Wolf Advantage


  10. Tim Hamilton

    Hey Katie,

    My name is Tim Hamilton and I’m the Partnerships-Manager at JvPartnersNow.

    We would like to advertise some of our Lifestyle & Beauty related clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details !

    Take care,

    Tim Hamilton
    Partnerships Manager

  11. Alishba


    Hope you are doing great!

    I am Alishba, works for an online digital marketing agency Futuristic Artists
    I came across your site 1fungrltravels.com and got impressed with the frequent updates on it
    Wondering if you accept sponsored blog posts on your blog?Kindly let me know price per post
    Also, let me know price per in-content text link placement on an existing blog post of your site


  12. Gayathry V Pillai

    Hi Bobbi,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I happened to come across your blog https://www.thebarefootnomad.com while looking out for top travel bloggers and finds it very impressive. I would like to publish a sponsored guest post on travel on your prestigious blog. I ensure that the content will be in line with your blog theme.

    I promise that the content provided will improve your user engagement, retention and even in driving in new visitors to your blog. Let me know your thought on this and how to take this forward.

    Thank You



  13. johana Graterol


    My name is Johana Graterol, I am currently working for Viajesmos.com and Miles Car Rental; companies specialized in car rental services in the United States and cities in Europe such as Madrid, Paris and Frankfurt.
    I’d like to know if it is possible to make an organic publication on your site http://1fungrltravels.com/ (Travel Tips) that does not look like advertising and with interesting content for readers. It would be ideal if you could structure a post talking about any of the cities mentioned above, in which the issue of car rental is included naturally. The post must include 2 permanent links and the diffusion of the post in at least 2 social networks with link to our site.

    The payment will be done via PayPal in USD including the PayPal commission costs (Please, include them in the final price).
    Thank you very much for your collaboration. I’m looking forward to getting the information and the steps to be followed in order to publish this article.


    johana Graterol

  14. Pooriya

    I am Pooria Saboor, and with the help of a number of young Iranian artists, we have created the first multi-language website to introduce cultural, natural, and historical attractions of Iran.
    According to most people who have traveled to Iran, this country is a gem with high safety in the Middle East, which with 23 registered attractions in UNESCO is considered to be one of the richest countries in the region and in the world. Also, the Iranian people are very hospitable and warmhearted, and look upon tourists as guests, and this has led to Iran being one of the safest places in the world for tourists. But the lack of proper content about Iran in major languages of the world, and also due to the power of world media to destroy Iran’s credibility, an proper image of Iran is not presented to the world.
    We are not backed by any government organization in the Iran, and in fact we are doing what the government should have done for the tourism industry, much like most countries. Please visit our website, and let us know what you think of what we have done in the past few months in order to better introduce Iran.
    If you are interested in progressing this aim, we would be glad if you posted one of our articles with the link to our website in your own website.

  15. Anya Littleton


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    Don’t believe me? Since you’re reading this message then you’re living proof that contact form advertising works!
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  16. James Riddle

    Hi Bobbi,

    My name is James Riddle. I’m a freelance writer and blogger looking for new ways to improve my author portfolio. I’m also a bit of a traveler and I like combining these hobbies:)

    That being said, I’d be delighted to contribute a blog post to your website. Would you mind taking a look at my ideas and sharing your feedback?

    These are some of the topic ideas I have in mind:
    X Best Budget Destinations for First-Time International Travelers
    Making Your Travel Comfortable With These Must-Have Travel Gadgets
    X Useful Travel Phrases to Learn in Any Language
    Science-Based Methods to Reduce Travel Stress

    Does any of these work for you?

    You can check my writing style on Invoicebus or Paymill for example.

    Please let me know what you think.

  17. Kleise Cruz


    This is Kleise, an outreach assistant. I wanted to find out who the best person is to speak with to contribute an article on your website?

    I am looking to write an article that you can post on your blog. The article will be well-researched based on the large pool travel experts that we has access to. In exchange, I was hoping that you could credit our online travel media site for providing the article to you. Please let me know if you would be interested?

    Thank you,

    Kleise Cruz recently posted…Things Punjab, India Is Famous For – Updated 2019My Profile

  18. Captain Words

    Hello guys,


    Your site 1fungrltravels.com is an excellent resource related to the topics that we cover. We have noticed the persistence and the quality of content posted here.

    We are working for several start-up companies that specializes in different niches. I think that your readers might be interested in knowing about such blog where they will find each information and guidance.

    Is it alright if we send you an article that is related to your site’s theme? we will make sure that the content we will provide you would definitely match your website.

    It would be such a pleasure to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Outreach Manager
    Raine Janssen
    Captain Words

  19. Anny Anny

    Hello There,

    I hope you are doing well!

    This is Anny, a passionate writer covering a wide range of topics like health, home improvement, fashion, automotive, environment, businesses, construction and many more.

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  22. Rohit kamal


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  23. Rohit singh


    I’m Rohit Singh, an enthusiastic blogger and content writer. I am connecting to you because I had a few thoughts on your 1fungrltravels.com blog which your audience would decidedly love; I was wondering whether you’d be open to a guest blog post.

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  29. Ricardo Clary

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  30. Aman Vijay


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  32. James

    Hi Bobbi,

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