How to Stuff Your Gullet Guilt-Free on Thanksgiving


I am going to tell you something that you probably won’t hear from other people. EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT TODAY! Life is short. Lord, I just had some warm melted brie cheese that felt like heaven literally landed in my mouth and Channing Tatum danced all over it.

Losing weight is far more about living in joy and not restricting yourself daily. That said, maybe tighten the reigns back up after a couple days so you don’t nail your partner in the eye popping the buttons off your pants.

Other tips I could include:

  1. EAT ROMAINE LETTUCE. After the CDC issued a warning of E coli you could lose mounds of weight on the toilet!  (this is a JOKE. Please do not do this and then write to me saying you tried it!)
  2. Really though, drink lots of water. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry you’re just dehydrated! Filling up with water make less space for mashed potatoes. (this is actually not a joke)
  3. Perhaps don’t go back for thirds. Or do, but take miracle nap breaks.


Happy Thanksgiving you freaks!

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