Grief is Sneaky



It was a day like any other.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, just as you may be right now, and there it surprised me. A little nudge to remind me that I’m just another human.


It said, hi, you haven’t thought about me in a while, have you? 

It said, your dad’s anniversary date of death is approaching.

It said, I bet you haven’t processed all of these feelings yet have you?


As tears streamed down my face, I thought to myself, does it ever end?  Is there EVER a moment when you feel like grief will go away?

But I think I am on a quest with no solutions.


Because as you and I both know, in order to know grief, you have to know how to love.

You have to walk that fine line between loving someone and knowing they are not a part of your life, whether they are living or deceased.


I thought I was done being caught off guard.

How could I be?

I still carry so much love that it will never die.

It will go on sneaking up on me at random occasions.


And I will live within the space between love and grief forever.

So rather than fear grief

My new objective is to tackle it head on

To accept it by my side, but then let it leave, as if it was a passerby.


To let the feels flow without JUDGEMENT

So the next time grief sneaks up on you

I want you to know we can fight this battle together


Are you grieving someone right now? How do you heal from it?  Let’s talk.


By the way, I just started a free facebook self-love 7 day challenge if you feel like joining. (women only- sorry guys but I am doing another one for you later) For you, AND for me. It kicks off Friday 8/24/18!   I will be including some tips and tricks I use to prop myself up when I get down. I will video with you. All I ask is that maybe down the road you write a review if you liked it. Or recommend it to a friend. Join me?!



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