The Best Things in Life Are in Spain


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Spain is one of the best vacation spots because it can appeal to nearly any type of person. There are plenty of rugged outdoor events, spectacular shopping opportunities, jaw-dropping architecture, and the most scrumptious food one can imagine. Simply create a travel budget, gather all the right travel documents, and scurry off to enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer.

The Financial Plan Makes It Happen


Many people never sit down and try to figure out how to make a trip possible. Budgeting may not be your most favorite thing to do but it does give you the power to make your goals possible. Travel budgets need to take into consideration:

• Travel Costs – include car rentals, buses, and cabs
• Accommodations
• Meals – from going to the airport for your departure to arriving home from the trip
• Entertainment fees – ticket fees, cover charges, and tour guide fees
• Shopping
• Emergency plan

The emergency plan is really important. This is where your budget for medical emergencies and loss or theft of money. It is helpful to also know if family back home can help you if you need extra money while abroad. Having a full emergency plan including who can help and how they can send the money, such as through Ria Money Transfer Spain is the key to ensuring a fun trip regardless of setbacks along the way. This can give you a bit of peace of mind, but hopefully, you won’t have to enact the emergency plan.

The Best Flea Market In The World

If you really want to enjoy some amazing shopping, we recommend making El Rastro Mercado your top priority. This bustling open-air flea market is situated along Plaza de Cascorro in Madrid and is host to both used and new items. The main strip features a lot of new clothing options but it’s the side streets that will reveal some of the best treasures one can find. Imagine the opportunities to own some antiques that you cannot find anywhere else!

This market is open every Sunday and every public holiday from 9 am to 3 pm, and you can use the subway to arrive. It is advised to take precautions to keep your wallet and/or purse as there are incidents of pickpocketing.

Running With The Bulls

Pamplona is a beautiful city in Navarre that everyone should visit at some point in life. The architecture is amazing and the history is empowering. The one event it is most famous for is the Running With The Bulls. It looks dangerous and thrilling but is also rooted in religion.

This event occurs during the Feast of San Fermin, the co-Patron of Navarre. It is a week-long event that includes lots of singing, rockets soaring into the air, dancing the waltz in a parade, and a procession for the statue of Saint Fermin through the streets.

Of course, the running of the bulls takes place amongst all of those events. If you want to go to enjoy the running of the bulls, be sure to stay and take in all of the other events and enjoy a bit of Spanish culture in the best possible way.  Also, maybe don’t wear red:)

Tomato Festival

If bull running is just too thrilling for your blood, perhaps enjoying a tomato throwing festival would be more appealing? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DID THAT!  In Bunol of Valencia, there is a La Tomatina festival that could be one of the most inclusive and enjoyable festivals that highlights the tomato. Originally, the food fight was banned by the city but soon embraced it’s quirkiness and decided to make it a fantastic street festival.

There are pre-parties, after parties, and wine festivals that occur around the same time to offer the most to everyone. The city brings in the over-ripe tomatoes for all to enjoy. Because of its popularity, tickets are now required to participate. There are also a few rules that one should be aware of:

• You must squish the tomato before throwing to avoid harming other people
• No throwing anything aside from the tomato (no bottles, shirts, rocks, etc. )
• No ripping other people’s shirts
• You must stop throwing after one hour


These are just a few things you could do in Spain. What would you want to do? Is there some amazing event or locale we didn’t mention? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. kazi nur haiul hossain

    Feeling difference to spent time of my life in spain. Because it will provide me tremendous unknown features and unseen pictorial valley of that country.
    It will also turn me into apure natural atmosphere from the din and bustle of my daily busy life.
    I am happy reading this great article.

  2. Matthias Verstrynge

    Hi there, I’m Matthias and have enjoyed reading your article about Spain.
    We live in Belgium and have visited Spain many times, but these tips are nice to read.

    La Tomatina looks so much fun, didn’t know that there are certain rules like squeezing the tomatoes first.

    If you are a Game of Thrones fan than visiting the Alcazar in Seville is very interesting. It’s the place where they filmed everything for the Kingdom of Dorme. Certainly beautiful.
    Matthias Verstrynge recently posted…Hiking the Mullerthal Trail: tips and hiking adviceMy Profile

  3. Joshua Kian

    Spain is an incredible country, we’ve only ever been on short trips but next year we get a whole lot of time to explore it properly! La Tomatina is so high on our bucket list too!

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  5. Ubaid Shaikh

    Great article i must say.
    I have heard about the tomato festival and your image is doing full justice with the evnt.
    this is very enthusiastic.
    Thanks for sharing.

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