3 Infallible Tips to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

As a social media marketer and travel blog influencer, Instagram is HANDS DOWN my favorite platform for content curation, brand exposure, and marketing. I am a visual person and following others within the travel vertical keeps me dreaming of far-flung destinations I have not yet visited!

Guess what!? I’m not alone.   Instagram has increasingly become the top choice for marketers, businesses, brands, and influencers alike to flex their marketing and sales prowess.

With 1 billion monthly active users spending a whopping 53 minutes per day on the site, it’s hard to ignore the power of the platform!  Ignoring it would be akin to having a household phone. As in, you could, but it would be pretty obtuse.




I’ve been helping businesses grow their social media and thus expand their network and increase their ROI for 6 years.  I currently have over 12,000 followers on instagram. I have over 27,000 followers combined on all the platforms I am on.

Do I have more followers on instagram than anyone? Certainly not! However, I have also grown my instagram followers organically and you can tell by my engagement rate of nearly 5%. (In general, 5% is an exceptional engagement rate).

It is the entire reason I have been able to work with brands such as Cabin Zero and utilize my instagram for press trips in Denver, Arizona, Mexico, and other destinations.



First, I guess I should remind you what CTA is if you aren’t familiar with it or don’t have much selling experience.

A call to action is a term used in marketing in which terms or phrases are used to persuade users to buy or do something promptly. I find SOOO many accounts guilty of forgetting a CTA who are trying to build their brand.

Granted, if you aren’t trying to sell anything and your instagram account is just a hobby this is LESS important, but you did come here looking for ways to grow your Instagram following didn’t you?



I would not be where I am today without engaging and networking with other bloggers. Using Facebook groups to post my instagram account and reciprocate on others instagram accounts have proven extremely beneficial for finding accounts I actually love and that love me in return!

Additionally, it was much more efficient than searching through hashtags and following accounts I thought might follow me back.

Of course, some of these are specific to my niche.  That means they may not work as well for you if you have a marketing or pet based instagram and are in the travel group. By doing a basic search on Facebook you can easily find a group that is specific to your niche.

Some Facebook groups that I found most helpful for building MY instagram following are:

Girls Love Travel

Instagram Daily Engagement Group

Instagram for Nomads and Travelers

*TIP:  Don’t go into these groups and just start posting links willy nilly!  Most of them have specific rules or days in which you can post. Read the fine print!





It should go without saying that the only true way to build a following on Instagram is to actually BE SOCIAL!   Shocker I know!  By following someone, liking on 3 pictures, and also commenting, you have made the poster aware that you have a genuine interest in their page. More times than not, they will return the favor in some way.

I have plenty more tips for growing your instagram organically, but to be honest, I would rather talk to you about them face to face!


That’s why I have decided to start offering one on one skype calls to those of you interested in trying to reach 10,000 Instagram followers! 

Why 10,000? That is the key number brands are looking for when they want to do a sponsored post. Can you do sponsored posts BEFORE you reach 10,000 followers? ABSOLUTELY!   But again, 10,000 gets you more eyeballs and traction.

Growing your Instagram followers organically doesn’t need to be an uphill with these 3 infallible tips. However, there are MANY more strategies that will take your Instagram account from mediocre to rockstar. Let’s uplevel your Instagram game!  Brands are waiting on you to make it happen.

So are you ready to take your instagram NEXT LEVEL with ORGANIC reach and engagement for only $40?! (payments accepted via Paypal or Venmo only beforehand)








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  2. Melanie

    Thanks for that. I’ve been struggling with Instagram, despite it being where I go for lots of travel inspiration myself. Will definitely try and put more thought into what I am doing there and will check out the facebook groups too as that’s something else I need to work on!

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