Top 6 Hidden Gems of Denver You Have to Visit

Most cities have hidden gems that only locals know about, and Denver is no exception. There are quite a few places you should visit as a tourist. So if you’re inspired to travel across the United States, make time to explore these six local gems in Denver, Colorado. Oh, and don’t forget to make extra time to explore the Denver airport to see if you catch an eerie vibe.  After all, it is associated with quite a few conspiracy theories and the Illuminati! 

top 6 hidden gems of denver  

The Dairy Block

The Dairy Block is in located in historic downtown Denver. Visitors come to see unique shops like the Perfect Petal — a gift shop with jewelry, trinkets, soaps, and more. If you’re hungry, The Kachina Cantina has the best fry bread tacos, or if you’re thirsty, stop in the Poka Lola for a cocktail or specialty drink. You can also stay in the convenient Maven Hotel.

Lakeside Amusement Park

What a fun place for kids! Filled with Denver history, Lakeside Amusement Park is an outdoor amusement park with adventurous rides and enticing fair food. The park will take you back in time — similar to a carnival in the ‘40s or ‘50s. It may be the oldest amusement park in the state, but locals love the affordable prices and family-friendly entertainment.

Casa Bonita

Once I found out I was headed to Denver, I knew there was no way I could miss Casa Bonita, which is a mexican restaurant with random entertainment notoriously mocked in South Park. There are divers that plunge into a pool 30 ft below and puppet shows that are great for kids, but you certainly shouldn’t expect anything but cheesy. Oh, and don’t order anything but salad!  From what I’ve read the meat is no bueno.


Rockmount Ranch Wear

Visit this third-generation western wear shop to find a new hat or a pair of boots. As the founder of the shop, Papa Jack was a pioneer in western fashion and introduced the original snap shirt and bolo tie. But Rockmount Ranch Wear has more to offer customers than clothing. Stop by, and you’ll also find some amazing western art for sale.

Williams & Graham

As the perfect combination of speakeasy and bookstore, Williams & Graham is a local favorite. Not only can you find an eclectic selection of specialty drinks, liquors, wine, and beer, but there’s food here as well. The menu offers an array of sandwiches and snacks. Best of all, the bar was ranked among The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2014.

Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours

Hop on one of Banjo Billy’s buses to hear entertaining stories of crime, ghosts, and Denver history. Sit back and relax in a tricked-out school bus as you enjoy your choice of a ghost tour, history tour, or brewery tour. Regardless of the tour you choose, you’ll be treated to an entirely unique experience during your ride through Denver.


The Big Blue Bear

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is HIDDEN gem per say, but is still noteworthy so I threw it on the list. The Big Blue Bear is one of Denver’s iconic symbols. Officially named, “I See What You Mean,” the bright-blue bear stands three stories above the ground. This attention-grabbing sculpture appears to be staring inside the Colorado Convention Center through the building’s huge windows. After taking a stroll around the convention center, you’ll see why it’s ranked among Denver’s top ten outdoor sculptures.

These top 6 hidden gems of Denver are all fun and unique places to visit. As you’re walking in downtown Denver, you’ll probably spot a few more. Go ahead and add them to your list as you continue your exploration into the city of Denver. Just try not to miss any on your way out of the marijuana store!  As you may or may not know, Denver is one of several states which is now legal statewide, yet not federally. You know how it goes. You can pop those Xanax like they’re Halloween candy but weed is the devil. (or so they say) 

Is there a hidden gem in Denver I missed!?  Let me know! 




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