How to Make Traveling Abroad Possible on a Budget

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The very words “traveling abroad” conjure up romantic, exotic images that can be hard to reconcile with the realities of everyday life. But you needn’t wait until you hit the jackpot to make those travel dreams come true. All you need is a solid plan, the ability to stick to a budget, and a good sense of adventure. Here are some fool-proof tips for the international traveler on a budget.

travel abroad on a budget

Rent Out Your Home or Apartment

If you plan to be gone awhile, there’s no reason to let your stateside living space sit empty. Homeowners can list their properties on a site such as AirBnB (first checking to be sure it isn’t violating the terms of the mortgage), while renters can look into subletting. You’ll make money, put your space to use, and be able to travel at the same time.  Plus, you can make some pretty groovy travel buddies along the way. I’ve had nothing but GREAT experiences at Airbnb homes!

Get Cheaper Airfare

Ever heard of skiplagged.com?  Don’t worry. Many people haven’t!  Along with Momondo and Google flights, it is the number one site I visit to get cheaper flights.  Be forewarned, many flights on skiplagged are cheaper because you are foregoing the second portion of a flight.  While airlines don’t exactly appreciate this, it isn’t exactly outlawed.  I try not to make a habit out of it, but hey, I’m sure I’ve paid my fair of money to airlines.

Stay in Hostels

The days when hostels were solely the province of backpacking teenagers are a thing of the past. In fact, there’s a niche that caters specifically to travelers over the age of 30. Check out this handy guide for more information and surf the Web for details on hostels in your chosen destination (or destinations). Sharing a big room is often part of the adventure and can even help you meet new people in your new destination.

Embrace the Alfresco Experience

When in Rome, do as the Romans do — and when in France, stop by the boulangerie for a good baguette, pair it with a delightful soft cheese such as St. Andre, and pick up a bottle of inexpensive wine for an authentic Parisian picnic. You won’t miss the fancy restaurant prices one bit. This strategy shouldn’t be limited to France, of course — try sampling the delicacies of the region wherever you go. Living like a local can help you save a lot of money and will even help you enjoy the experience!

Recognize Your Limits

As a budget traveler, you’re likely not going to be able to hit every landmark on your bucket list this time around — and that’s okay. Did I want to see everything that existed in Australia on my first trip there?  Sure I did mate! I also knew I didn’t have that kind of time or money and that my sugardaddy didn’t come along. (JOKES PEOPLE, JOKES!)

Pick and choose the attractions you really want to see and make compromises based on what you can afford and how easy they are to get to. Check with online companies who research for you and who can negotiate fares for airlines and trains. Make a plan based on what routes you’ll be taking.

Consider Taking Out a Payday Loan

Have you done your best to stretch your budget, but are still having trouble making ends meet upon your return home? Consider visiting a local lender for a payday cash loan, which you can repay once you’ve returned to work and gotten that all-important post-vacation paycheck. Just be sure not to borrow more than you can reasonably afford — nothing will tarnish those memories faster than dining on bread and water for a month.


If you find yourself wondering whether the trip is feasible to travel abroad on a budget, just ask yourself what you’re likely to regret more: Spending the money, or missing out on the experience of a lifetime? The answer should be easy. Bon voyage!

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  1. Discount

    Great tips! Almost makes me wanna travel, but I’m always worried about theft, which is a burden. SO I went over to discountretailed.com and found my anti-theft backpack that also charges my phone! Now I wanna travel anywhere haha

  2. Jesse

    I am a big fan of budget travelling and honestly don’t think that it’s hard for most people to get out and see the world. Even if it’s in your own country. Just wait for a cheap flight and go for it. If you’re interested I’d love to do a cross-post in the future with you.

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    If you’re looking for a budget travel holiday destination we invite you to Romania. Visiting Transylvania and its medieval vestiges is a one of a kind opportunity and there are plenty of options to do it low cost. Transportation, accommodation and food is cheaper than in the Western countries.

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