Jobs in Travel: How to Earn More Money and See the World

Whether you’ve always had a travel bug, or if you simply want to see more of the world while maintaining a full-time career, there are plenty of opportunities available that allow you to earn money while seeing the world. Honing your existing skills and creative abilities opens the door to new opportunities and adventures that await you. Digital nomad wannabes take note because this is the post you NEED TO READ! 



Coding and Programming

Coding and programming skills are some of the most in-demand abilities sought after by employers and recruiters today. Learn various languages such as HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C+, C, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby On Rails to maximize your earning potential while appealing to any company who is searching for a new programmer or developer on their team. Many programmers and developers have the option of working remotely or from home, allowing you to travel while taking on a full-time position.


If you have a passion for designing and getting creative, consider working as a graphic or web designer. Graphic and web design continues to skyrocket in popularity with the advent of mobile apps, games, and modern website designs. You can also do this kind of work remotely or on a freelance basis which makes it perfect for traveling entrepreneurs.  Let’s say you became an expat. You could do this on the side while hanging on the beach in Thailand. Just don’t forget that expat health insurance plan in case you also try to do some cliff jumping!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another option that provides you with the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere you desire. Working as a freelance writer is possible by building a portfolio and seeking out clients to build a professional reputation. Whether you prefer working with local businesses or clients from around the globe, there are ample writing opportunities available for anyone with a knack for storytelling.  I have found many opportunities through Upwork!

Travel Blogging

Speaking from experience, it is going to be hard to find a job that allows as much freedom as a travel blogger.  You could be working in a coffee shop anywhere around the world at any moment. It is, of course, one nice perk of the job.  Unfortunately, it probably isn’t as glamorous as it seems in your head.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on press trips where I’ve been wined, dined, and treated like royalty.  I’ve slept in places I could only dream of. I also work my tail off and sometimes work on Saturdays. Being an entrepreneur of any kind sometimes lends itself to a rollercoaster trajectory. Risk evaders need not apply!

Travel bloggers are capable of working on their own for individual clients along with working for employers who offer set salaries. Travel bloggers are responsible for providing insights into different cultures and locations around the world, allowing you the privilege to explore while also generating a sustainable income. In order to master travel blogging, you should try to develop skills in blogging platforms such as wordpress, social media, and basic graphic design to get started.

Social Media Management

I’m also an independent social media manager and can tell you the very reason I dove into this career 6 years ago is that I saw how much it was exploding.  I also saw that it would be a flexible job that would allow me to travel more.  Can you say travel on the brain!? Yes, I formed my life around what I do and what I’m passionate about.

While social media management can be difficult to get started in, and it doesn’t pay that well in the beginning, once you have a few years of experience you can command more dollars. The downside?  It can be unsteady if you don’t have many clients and you work independently. It is social, yet completely not social by the same token.

Book a Cruise

Consider booking a cruise if you want to truly see the world while working on your own time. Or even booking a cruise for other people as a travel agent. When you book a cruise, you can relax and enjoy the sights around you while simultaneously working for clients or employers. You can also find a lot of different positions open on cruise ships. There are so many options available in the travel industry where you can find work.


Taking the time to truly master various in-demand skills today provides you with the ability to be a true digital nomad and go global!  Additionally, then you’re free from feeling trapped in a job and working every day for someone else.  Jobs that allow you to travel are your ticket to living the life you always wanted. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Eric Gamble

    Great tips on how to earn some extra $$ while travelling. I have been working as a digital nomad/travel blogger and Darcee is a social media marketer. Those two so far are working for us though it does take some time & persistence to get the ball rolling to earn an income. However, if you truly devote yourself, you can easily make it happen.
    I wish I had studied more about programing too. That is a great way to earn income. It is amazing what you can do these days with a laptop and an internet connection!
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  2. Discount

    Inspires me to travel the world! Theres one thing though, I have a fear of theft, so I went over to discountretailed.com and bought my anti-theft USB charging backpack. Now I don’t have to worry about theft anymore!

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