5 Tips to Prep Your Home Before Going on Vacation

prep your home before going on vacation

Taking a vacation is the perfect way to unwind and relieve stress. Before hitting the road, however, you should prepare your home by following the tips listed below.

1. Pet Arrangements

Statistics show that 57% of Canadian households own a pet. If you fall into this category, you’ll need to make arrangements for your companion before leaving. Whether you own a dog, cat or turtle, ask a friend or family member to care for your pet until you return.

2. Set the Thermostat

You should also set your thermostat before going on vacation. According to the Energy Information Administration, climate control accounts for 41.5% of the typical home’s energy usage. When you’re on vacation, though, there’s no need to crank up the heat in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer. You can save money on your utility bills by adjusting your thermostat accordingly.

3. Manage Deliveries

Depending on the length of your vacation, you may want to use a delivery management system. As the name suggests, delivery management systems are commercial services used to manage the delivery of mail and packages. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your packages are safe and sound rather than sitting on your porch where anyone can take them.

4. Install Light Timers

It’s not something you probably want to think about before going on vacation, but there’s a higher risk that your home will be burglarized while you are away. Burglars will scout out potential targets in advance, waiting until the home is unoccupied. To deter break-ins, install light timers throughout your home. Once installed, you can set your lights to turn on and turn off at specific times of the day.

So, what benefits do light timers offer? By using them in your home, you can create the appearance that your home is occupied even when you are away. Nefarious individuals scouting your home will notice the lights turning on or off, at which point they’ll assume someone is home.

5. Lock Doors and Windows

Most burglars enter the home through a door or window. Therefore, you should lock all doors and windows before leaving for vacation. Many burglars are looking for easy targets, and if your home poses too much of a hassle, they’ll walk away. By securing all points of entry into your home, you protect your home from most burglars.

These are just a few ways to prep your home before going on vacation. Implementing these tips will help to protect your home while allowing you to enjoy your vacation just a little more. 

12 thoughts on “5 Tips to Prep Your Home Before Going on Vacation

  1. Vinjatek

    Great piece. It’s good to see something about taking care of things back home while we’re away from it. I never even considered pets, life is a hard for a traveler…. and for the pet… and the home.

  2. VIkas

    This article is very nice and helpful.

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