6 Outrageously Fun Things To Do in Puerto Penasco Mexico

6 Outrageously Fun Things To Do in Puerto Penasco, Mexico


Unbeknownst to most people, there is a SAFE beach getaway that exists in Mexico, and it is even only a quick 3.5 hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona!  I lived in Arizona nearly 3 years and now kick myself for never visiting the interesting, unique, and absurdly fun small fishing city of Puerto Penasco (also known as Rocky Point).

Why would I kick myself? This small strip of land joining the Baja Peninsula with the rest of Mexico and ideally situated next to the Sea of Cortez is loaded with culture, scrumptious food, and even historic and geological elements of surprise and wonder.  So let’s get started with these 6 insanely fun things to do in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Getting to Puerto Penasco

Believe it or not, driving to Puerto Penasco is relatively easy.  Take Interstate 10 to Buckeye and pick up AZ 85 to Gila Bend and then stay on AZ 85 all the way to the Mexico-US border.  Plan on a couple border patrol checkpoints as you near Ajo, but as long as you’re not being shady, you are good to go! You will cross into Mexico at Lukeville, AZ and then continue on to see lots and lots of desert.

Bonus:  There are a couple of weird little towns along the way in Arizona like one called Why that are interesting, to say the least.  Frankly, there isn’t much there, but the fact that the town is called Why is hilarious enough in itself.


Tequila Tasting at Manny’s Tequila Factory

6 fun things to do in puerto penasco mexico

While most of my drinking to get hammered days are behind me (shhhhh if you tell anyone I’ll hunt you down and tickle you) I am always ready for a fun tasting. Truthfully, I usually hate the taste of tequila, but I was amazed to discover there are a few types of Tequila even I can handle. Tequila Silver was by far my favorite and tasted much less tequila-y if that is a thing.

To top it off, doing the tequila tasting at the Tequila Factory was one of the most entertaining experiences I had while in Puerto Penasco.  One of the workers was incredibly informative and absolutely hilarious in his tour of The Tequila Factory.

While there, you will have the opportunity to sample 6 types of tequila and mixed drinks, then peruse the store afterward where you can purchase a variety of spirits and merchandise.


Paddleboard/Kayak at The Club at Laguna Del Mar


While in Puerto Penasco, I had the opportunity to visit The Club at Laguna del Mar. Although Laguna Del Mar is widely known for its Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, they also rent kayaks and paddleboards to those seeking a different kind of adventure. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a paddleboard to try it for the very first time.  Sure, I went down the first few times as I kept trying to balance as if I was surfing, but after that, this girl got into her yoga SUP groove.


Stop by the UNESCO site of Pinacate Biosphere

One day you'll be so important they will sacrifice you to the volcano in honor of the blogging gods! On a serious note, named in 2013 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO "EL Pinacate" Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important landmarks to visit in Mexico. Check it out if you're visiting Puerto Penasco. I will let you know when my post goes up about it and the podcast I was on is live! #rockypointmexico #puertopeñasco #penascotwa #volcano #unesco #mexicoadventure #mexicomagic #mexicotravels #mexicoisbeautiful #exploremexico #travelblogger #travelgram #mexicogram #travelista #writetotravel #noborder #gotomexico #seetheworld #suitcasetravels #travelawesome #internationaltravel #travelitch #mexicobaby #traveldeeper #travelchick #travelfun #wanderlust #globetrotter #worldcaptures #justgo

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Remember when I said there was even a bit of a historic surprise in Puerto Penasco? If you want a seriously dramatic and inspired experience, you have to check out the UNESCO world heritage site and geological treat known as the Pinacate Biosphere. It will leave you feeling as though you are literally walking on Mars!  It is no wonder that in 1970, Apollo 14 astronauts trained for their moon landing here as it was the closest match to the lunar surface!

After paying the 50 pesos entry fee, you can take the 1.5 hr drive through the long loop to see the volcanoes themselves, or you can scope out the visitors center.  Either way, you are in for an intriguing experience.

Located about an hour from Puerto Penasco, Pinacate’s Reserve encompasses 10 massive volcanic craters and 400 cinder cones caused by exploding volcanoes along with tunnels, ash, and rock that is scattered among the terrain. Walking among old lava flows is something that is truly unforgettable, and if you’re lucky (unlucky?) enough, you’ll run into some of the wildlife.  The biosphere has over 800 species of plants, mammals, birds and reptiles!

(Pro tip:  make sure you use the bathroom at the start and although the short walk is doable in flip flops I would advise against it because the little pebbles are annoying)


Chow down at Casa Del Capitan

A trip to Puerto Penasco would not be complete without a mention of the restaurant which boasts the best food, service, AND VIEW in town. Let me tell you, I can vouch for all three!  Casa Del Capitan was absolutely incredible. I have told my readers time and time again, while I am no foodie, I will eat anything you pass my way so making a distinction between good and bad food isn’t my specialty. This time, however, my friends all agreed with me so it was a thumbs up all around.

I highly recommend any of the shrimp dishes and I make sure you sample the sangria. They have a bit of a different twist on sangria there because they add Squirt to it, and I enjoyed it much more than the American version.


Wander to find the offbeat

One of my favorite things to do anywhere is to walk the streets in search of awesome street art or murals. Puerto Penasco did not disappoint in this area!  In just a short stroll from my hotel at Penasco Del Sol, I found several interesting murals that caught my eye.  There were also some interesting murals in the downtown area.

Listen to some live jazz!

6 fun things to do in puerto penasco mexico

While dining over delicious paella at a restaurant called El Tapeo, I was introduced to the jazz band known as Agua De Coco and instantly became one of their groupies.  Ok, not really Almost Famous style, but their music was so entertaining and beautiful, one couldn’t help but dance the night away. I had to find out where else they played, and as it turns out, they play all over Puerto Penasco. You do not want to miss them!


A BONUS fun thing to do:

Rest your head at Penasco Del Sol

I had the pleasure of staying at a Tripadvisor top rated hotel during my stay in Puerto Penasco, and I thought the accommodations were great!  Penasco Del Sol generally rates as a 3.5 star hotel on average, so I wasn’t expecting 5 star quality. Expectations can very much make or break a stay in my book!

Overall, my room was clean and comfortable, and the service was excellent. The food varied quite a bit in quality, from breakfast to dinner. The fish that I ate at dinner was delicious, but I thought the breakfast buffet could use a little boost. Cocktails, specifically the strawberry margaritas, were muy bueno!

I thoroughly enjoyed the views from my room and the fact that I could walk right out to the beautiful Sea of Cortez or go mingle with the locals was a definite upside.

After visiting Puerto Penasco just once, I would recommend that you get to this safe, festive, and underrated beach town sooner rather than later. It is highly likely that people will begin flocking to it within the next few years, especially since the governors of Sonora and Arizona signed a memorandum allowing service to cruise ships docking at Puerto Peñasco in the Sea of Cortez. The project is expected to be complete by 2019!


*My special thanks to this hosted trip by the Puerto Penasco Convention and Visitors Bureau. Although my adventure was complimentary, all opinions are as always, my own. 

Have you tried any of these 6 fun things to do in Puerto Penasco Mexico? Let me know if I left anything out!





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  1. Evan Kristine

    Such a great post! The view form Casa Del Capitan and from your hotel got me. I think these places are what I am looking for a restaurant and for a hotel… Such a relaxing place to eat and stay. Also, I would really love to go here and try to taste a Tequila that I can also handle since I really don’t like its bitter-y after taste. I would love to try also going to UNESCO site of Pinacate Biosphere for some activity. Again, thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading.

  2. Annie

    Wow! Congrats on the post… Your smile says a lot! You must have had a great time. A friend of mine has moved to Mexico. I can’t wait to visit. The place is called Coatzacoalcos, I have no idea if it is close to where you’ve been. Your pics are so colourful, showing that this is a vivid destination… I hope I can combine them when I go to see her 🙂 Thanks for sharing <3

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