8 Best Activities to Enjoy in Tanzania, Africa



best activities tanzania africa

Tanzania is certainly an amazing country filled with many exciting places to discover. From the oceans to its huge mountain lakes, surely, Tanzania is a place with many opportunities for exciting activities. There are several exciting activities to enjoy throughout your stay in Tanzania that you will leave you with a lasting impression!

The following are 8 best activities to enjoy all through your vacation in Tanzania:

Explore Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is an exciting thing to try during your stay in Tanzania. It is a fun filled adventure as you’ll come across many kinds of animals as you ascend. Even if you haven’t gotten to the summit of the mountain yet the surrounding is still amazing. Climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t as difficult as other mountains situated in other countries, therefore you don’t need any special mountain-climbing skills, but climbers would need enough stamina in order to get to the mountain top.  A great site, which has everything you might need to know about climbing the marvel that is Mount Kilimanjaro, is HERE.

Discover Serengeti National Park

This Park was made famous throughout the world by the frequent wildlife documentaries broadcast. The park contains both herding mammals and predators like lion, crocodiles, leopards, elephants, zebras and so on, together with countless of bird species.

best activities tanzania africa

Safari to experience Tanzania’s wonderful variety of wildlife

Famous safari locations include Ruaha National Park which is known for its giraffes, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area which includes a volcanic crater. Selous Games Reserve happens to be among the largest secured areas in the world today.

Trip to the House of Culture and National Museum

A trip to the National museum is also an exciting activity during your stay in Tanzania because you’ll be opportune to learn many things from what is displayed. Visiting the museum and the House of Culture located in Dar es Salaam can be very exhilarating as it shows exhibitions in archeology, history, ethnography, biology and art. It is measured as the biggest museum in Tanzania. The latest expansion of the museum added an art gallery, theatrical productions and an eatery that prepares traditional cuisine.

Visiting the beach 

Visiting the beach is really exciting and also time relaxing event during your time in Tanzania. The beaches stay on the coastline of the Indian Ocean. The waters are crystal clear which is very good for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Explore the island of Zanzibar 

The island of Zanzibar is recognized because of the Arabic Stone Town area of Zanzibar city, 19th century sultans’ palace, spice tours and its rich vegetation especially in the Jozani Forest.

best activities tanzania africa

Visit Gombe Stream National Park

Get to see wild chimps at the Gombe Stream National Park situated at the western part of Tanzania. The park is also known for its considerable amount of primates, including olive baboons and red-tailed monkeys.

Discover Tanzania’s western lakes

In the northwest there is Lake Victoria which is the source of River Nile; the second largest fresh water lake in the whole world, and the largest in Africa. In the south there is Lake Malawi. The long and narrow lake is an essential source for fishing. In the west there is Lake Tanganyika which is the second deepest fresh water lake in the whole world.

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