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learn make money affiliate marketing



To earn a good side income working from your bed is a dream for many people. I worked from home all day today, didn’t have to commute to any job, didn’t have to put up with a wretched hag of a boss, and was able to do yoga in the park exactly when I felt the need.  Honestly, YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE ON THE VALUE OF FREEDOM.

Is it your dream to make a sizeable income living a life of perpetual freedom?  Well, you’re at the right place, because today what I’m going to tell you is from my own personal experience and I’m satisfied with my approach. Be forewarned:  this isn’t a cakewalk. It takes solid work, but the tips I’ve outlined below are a great jump start on how to learn to make money in affiliate marketing.

What technical skills are needed?

As every new setup requires you to have some knowledge about it, you need to have some technical know-how about the following technologies which are not that difficult to learn.

  1. A Running Blog/Website
  2. A Report/E-book/Product
  3. Attractive Writing Skills
  4. Targeted and Organic Traffic
  5. An Auto-Email Responder


1- A Running Blog/Website

You’ll want a website/blog that’s already running. If you can’t do it yourself hire a web developer to make it for you. Need help? I have a post on how to create a blog in 6 easy steps. Your website is most important because it is going to be the root source of your customers in the future, so all of your focus should be on making a good and attractive site.

2- A Report/Ebook/Product

What you’ll need to sell is a good e-book that is written on a topic you know best or at least you know how to market. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone good to do it for you. All of your products are going to make a lasting impression on your customers, so make sure whatever you sell adds VALUE. I have a few ideas of things I’d like to sell on my website that are coming to fruition.  One day at a time!

3- Proper English Writing Skills

Have you polished up your writing skills? Nobody wants to read something and have no idea what they just read!  I’ve left a site for good after putting up with so many grammatical errors. Quick tip:  Get Grammarly and it will keep your writing skills up to par!

4- Targeted and Organic Traffic

You’re seeking an audience that fits your style of products and would actually buy your product. Getting them there is quite a different story! This topic is quite vast so it can’t be covered completely right now. However, I will let you know that obtaining traffic includes a solid mix of quality SEO, backlinks, and the proper use of keywords in your articles.

In upcoming blogs, I’ll write out methods to get your target audience and increase your sales, but for now, check out this article I wrote on marketing tips for new travel bloggers. And hey, it applies to bloggers of every niche!

5- An Auto-Email Responder

When you’re business goes wild and the number of customer’s increase you can’t expect yourself to respond to all of their queries. For this problem we have the auto email responder. There are numerous auto-email responders but a few just off the top of my head are ListwireGet Response, Aweber and Mailchimp (which I currently use).

Your regular Gmail account can also do such a thing, as well as a number of hosting companies like Siteground. You can buy good ones that respond to a text in a very detailed manner and then there are the free one’s that might stall a customer until you can get back to them.

Note: This was a brief intro to all of these technologies/skills. For a detailed review on all of them stay tuned for our new articles.

How do you profit with affiliate marketing?

learn to make money affiliate marketing
Know what to sell

So you have all the above-mentioned skills. Now how do you use them to earn a substantial income? Well, to start off you need to select a niche on which you can write on such as traveling or fashion. Take whatever you feel comfortable in. It helps to write about something over the long haul when you’re passionate about it!

After that do some research about what people love in that specific domain. Check out sites like Niche Pursuits, which will give you more in-depth knowledge on choosing a niche.You need to know this topic at length in order to discuss it or people will smell a fake right away and call you out!

Make a great product

Next comes the step of preparing a good product related to your chosen domain.  An e-book is an excellent product to sell in order to earn money in the affiliate marketing world, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an e-book. It can also be an online e-course, a workshop, a webinar, or a t-shirt.  The list is endless when you think outside the box!  Give your audience something of value and they’ll keep coming back for more.

NOTE:  You can also sell other people’s products and earn a significant amount of money in affiliate marketing too!  When you sell OTHERS products it is generally referred to as CPA, but we will dive into that topic in future posts. 

Attract your audience

Now you have a site and possibly a product.  What next? Well, next you try to make your site valuable by publishing quality content. Publish articles related to your chosen domain and you can then publish free courses/workshops to gain more attention from the visitors.

Consider that you might have to publish free stuff until you have around 2500-5000 subscribers on your blog/site. You can try with less but this is the recommended number.

There is actually a lot to be said for making money with facebook ads, and other social media channels, so DO NOT underestimate them. On that note, here are my personal social media secrets essential to your business.

Transform customers into clients

Okay, the people are coming onto your site.  Now what?  How do you tempt them into buying your product. Well for that here is a technique. I recommend offering the product for free for a while, in order to build a client base who trusts you.

After that, you will know that the product has potential to sell so you will upload it to amazon/E-Bay as a product and have people buy it from you before reading it.

Keep up with the pace of the world

All of this is good if it’s consistent. To have the consistency you would have to learn to turn your customers into clients and for that, you’ll have to keep up with their pace and their information. On top of that, you will have to continue creating content that makes them keep coming back for more.

Work smart, not hard

How do you tell your loyal customers about your new amazing product? Well for that we have auto email responders that help us out in two ways. Either you use it as a live service support for customers who have queries or you could use it as a bulk email sender that would automatically mail all of your clients about your new product in one click.

Ever heard of entrepreneur Tim Ferriss?  He wrote the book 4-hour Work Week. If he recommends getting an auto-responder, perhaps you should consider it too.


So far we have covered all of the initials of earning through affiliate marketing but this topic has a lot more depth to it, especially the technical part.  I might even teach those technologies to you guys in a series if the reviews of this article are well received.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed these strategies on how to learn to make money in affiliate marketing, and maybe soon you’ll be joining me at the coffee shop or pool while we write together!

learn make money in affiliate marketing






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