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San Diego is one of the most blissful and picturesque places I’ve ever visited in my life, and it’s astounding I remember that from all of my brazen Memorial day ahem… “festivities” which included nothing more than 24/7 beach frolicking, sunbathing, and a diet of beer and string cheese. Yes, Pacific Beach was all the rage for a while and although there are plenty of places to party until your face melts in San Diego, you’d be crazy to sleep through a hangover all day and miss the plentiful amount of attractions too! The wide variety of neighborhoods, sunny beaches, fine eateries, magnificent hotels, and insurmountable attractions make it a city of absolute splendor with excitement waiting around every corner.  Let me take you on a pictorial ride through San Diego bucket list attractions you might not have heard of yet!

Torrey Pines Gliderport


(credit: Sd Dirk on Flickr)

The San Diego Zoo. Legoland. The beach boardwalk.  The beautiful people. These are all things most people think of when stating what makes San Diego special. But, when was the last time you heard someone talk about the fun that can be had at Torrey Pines Gliderport? Sure, hang gliding isn’t for everyone, but even watching the people take off at the hang gliding and paragliding hotspot is a treat for those who can’t take the brave flight themselves.  Would you dare? Located on the cliffs above Black’s Beach, the Torrey pines area is also well known for its gorgeous hiking trails and exploring the great outdoors while spotting the occasional bobcat on the trail or dolphin in the ocean!


The Secret Swings


(Credit:  projectphotoventure.com)

Good news fellow travelers! We have a substitute, (or warm-up for those frightened by heights easily) to that swing at the end of the world in Ecuador!  Legend has it that if you walk near the Scripps Pier in La Jolla you will discover this prized San Diego gem. The San Diego swings hang from a tree that overlook quite possibly one of the most gorgeous views in all of San Diego!  How could you go wrong with adding it to your bucket list?

Potato Chip Rock


I’ll admit, it looks startling and probably isn’t for the faint of heart, but a hike to this rock will give you a stunning view of San Diego and a picture worth a thousand words. This 8 mile roundtrip, located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California is definitely a long one, but absolutely worth it from what we hear. Tip: Don’t be surprised to find a line of people waiting to take that same picture. Some places are popular for a reason!

Hotel Coronado / Coronado Beach

hotel coronado

(credit: Stacy Spensley on Flickr)

hidden coronado

This 1.5 mile white sand Coronado Beach is home to the iconic Coronado Hotel (pictured above) and is touted as a much more peaceful and secluded beach in the San Diego region. People flock to this beach for endless amounts of surfing, sunbathing, tidepools, and overall good time family fun!  The Coronado Hotel is actually a designated historical landmark and has been visited by celebs and dignitaries alike with its 120 year history. What are you waiting for? Rent what’s known as a “beach cruiser” and take a ride!  Hot tip:  Here’s something a few locals might not even know about. The ice-plant covered sand dunes actually spell out CORONADO! 

The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge


Guess what! You don’t have to go to Costa Rica to experience a really cool suspension bridge that actually sways back and forth among the trees! The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, located in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood, is a peaceful and somewhat secretive attraction in San Diego you just can’t miss on your tour of San Diego bucket list attractions!

So, as your pictorial ride comes to a close, I hope you enjoyed this rendition on San Diego attractions you need to add to your bucket list!  The truth is, San Diego is bursting at the seams with things to experience and stunning sites to see, so I tried to narrow down the list to some atypical and offbeat San Diego bucket list attractions.  I hope I managed to feed your need for something different!

Are there any San Diego bucket list attractions on this list you’ve never heard about? Which ones do you think you’d be willing to add to your list?



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