Conquering Dougan Falls!



I grew up in the Pacific northwest for the majority of my life, (30 years to be exact) so it always throws me for a loop if I can find something new that I haven’t discovered. Upon one of my many trips back to Oregon to visit, I challenged my good friend Jaime to find us a new spot to explore, and I’m happy to say she delivered! While I have made several trips to Seattle, I had never heard about this Dougan Falls my friend spoke of. Upon looking at pictures, we decided this is the quest we would take!

It was a blissfully warm and perfect day, which is good because any natural water source is bound to be colder than you could ever imagine. I expected a bit more of a hike there, but it was just a short walk to the falls. Literally, it was maybe 20 steps! No problem, I am always prepared to sunbathe! We examined which rocks would be best to perch on, then deliberated whether we would be brave enough to actually get in the water, as 12 year olds next to us proceeded to jump off cliffs with their Go Pros. Hey, what can I say? We’re just a bit more wise (chicken?) than that.


There were about 15 people there, which is actually a lot considering this was a Thursday! A few groups of teens, a group of other ladies who certainly seemed to become happier as the day progressed (READ: they were drinking) and a few couples. Being that I live in Flagstaff now, I had a new found respect for the pacific nw. I miss water sources! I was really charmed by this little watering hole, and have high hopes that Jaime and I can go back again one day when we’ve grown kahunas to jump of the cliff into the water.


Dougan Falls.. I will be back! Thank you for the memorable experience and the cold as a snowman’s heart falls.  What is your favorite place to go cool off when it’s blazing hot!? Let me know so I can come play!

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