Who Is This Crazy Broad?


HI! I’m Bobbi.  VIRTUAL HUGS and congrats on stumbling upon on my little corner of the world weird web you little ninja sleuth. I have no idea how you found me, but good on you!  I hope one day we can dance like everyone is watching and we don’t care, or have ultra deep existential chats about what our purpose on this mad world truly is. Until then, maybe you’ll settle for a bit of travel, inspiration, adventure, and randomness. Did you know that lady dragonflies fake their own death to avoid mating with male dragonflies?!   WOW!

I’m a part-time travel fanatic and blogger, part-time social media maven/consultant, part-time inspirational preacher, and all-around fun-loving chick with a wanderlust spirit who is always ready for an adventure. I revel in vino, offbeat experiences, yoga, rock music, festivals, randomness, strawberries, connecting with like-minded people, and dancing, particularly to the beat of my own drum. From rappelling to skydiving, and everything in between, I have a thirst for new experiences that is never quenched. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone, participated in one of the biggest tomato fight festivals in Spain, oared a gondola in Italy, ate way too many crepes in France, and scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef. Venturing into uncharted territory and feeling completely lost and incapable of speaking another language yet digging deep within myself to overcome and conquer was and continues to be the most pivotal moment of my life. It rattled me at my core!

The truth is though, I wasn’t ALWAYS like this. A series of unfortunate events, including my father’s passing from ALS and a few severed relationships, turned me into the bolder and braver soul you see today. Sometimes you have to fall down a deep dark hole before you reach Wonderland. (YES, I love Alice in Wonderland SO much so if you sensed a theme there, you were spot on!) I may be a little zany and outlandish at times, but I’d rather be completely bonkers than completely boring. Sometimes entertaining others at the expense of my own embarrassment brings a smile to my face, but deep down, I’m a passionate and determined person that will do anything for the people I love. The world is my oyster and I ALWAYS take the road less traveled!

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