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  1. Pawna Camp

    Before travelling let’s make clear that what is your budget for the particular trip and final outcome of the trip help you to make your trip more productive and efficient like i chosen Pawna Lake for my camping trip, then i decided to contact with camping organizer nearby the pawna lake then finally we got best organizer of the camping at pawna lake and they made my trip much adventures you can also find out trip adviser as per your comfort for demo you can visit to : http://www.pawnacamp.com
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  2. Swati Patel

    Hi, how are you! I Hope you are Fit and Healthy. I read your article and that is awesome ever. I must say you are an incredible writer. I like the way that you describe the things. Really everything is well explained and amazing…
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  3. Neil Patrick Harris

    If you are planning to go on a trip, first of all, make sure about the place of your visit, also check for the climatic conditions and everything. Then plan about the transportation and book the tickets at least before 4 weeks. Make sure you have the most necessary things in your luggage like if it is a cold place make sure that you have sweaters. So pack the necessary things first, do not pack unwanted things that you might use for once in a week or month always carry less luggage split up your cash and card in different wallets so that you can never be out of money in an emergency. Try to be at the boarding point 2 hours earlier that will avoid your last minute tensions. Keep your passports and visa documents at a safer place.
    Always try to mingle with new people that will give you a chance to know their culture and food. Try to cover all the places you planned don’t be in hurry. Because you are there to relax so don’t spoil that. Especially the most important thing is Never ever to think about your past and never ever worry about your future, just try to live the moment with lots of love and nature. For more tips visit cheapskyfares.com or call @ +1-855-359-2527

  4. United Jungle Guide Service

    We’re a holiday finder and bespoke travel planning service. We don’t sell our own holidays, we are independent & we charge a guide fee rather than commission. Meaning you can be sure we will always spend as long as necessary finding the best value deal for you.

    Our pricing is transparent and clear, there are no hidden costs or surcharge.

    UNITED JUNGLE GUIDE SERVICE is run by local guides and we do not have any intermediaries.

    We offer a wide range of services including trekking, expeditions, cultural programs, jungle safaris, white water rafting and more while seeking to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  5. Zin Ko

    Reasons why you Must Visit Myanmar NOW!

    Myanmar is one of the most underestimated countries in Southeast Asia. Think of it as Thailand 50 years ago. Large undeveloped parts, relatively easy to travel, few tourists, and very affordable. Myanmar is a great destination for a traveler who likes to experience an untouched country.
    On the opposite side of the province of Phuket in Thailand is the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar a gem in the deep south of Myanmar just opened up to tourism. Myanmar could easily become a traveler’s favorite destination


  6. Moses

    When you mention Chin, everyone in Myanmar will reply Mount Victoria. It is the highest peak of Chin state and the most visited place in the region. Going beyond the crowds though, Chin state has a lot more to offer. Getting to Chin isn’t easy and it’s often impossible in the rainy season, when some roads are simply washed away. But visiting is worth all the effort. After all, it only takes 6 hours from Bagan.

    You arrive to Mindat when you arrive to Mindat

    Time in Myanmar is subjective and prone to change, so we were not given a definite answer of our time of arrival to Mindat – the gate to Chin state as they call it there. After having lunch at a neat local restaurant, we drove to the outskirts of Mindat to start our hike. Only 2 hours of walking downhill to warm up. In few days, we would be crossing mountains and spending hours on trails under the scorching sun. Some days would be easier than others, but luckily, our heavy backpacks were transported on motorbikes so we would not need to suffer more by carrying those.

    Tattooed ladies

    As many as 30 tribes live in Chin state and some of these tribes used to have a tradition of tattooing faces of their women. Coming to Mindat, you’ll meet these ladies everywhere. Some are shy, some would boldly ask for money if you’d like to take their picture and some would be flattered and invite you to their homes. Back in the day, women could marry only within their tribes and the tattoos served as a mark for life. For health reasons it was later prohibited and the youngest tattooed lady is now 40, meaning that this tradition is slowly dying out.

  7. Cathy

    Also, when my dog travels with me, in addition to vet/vaccination and chip ID registration info, I carry a large photo of my dog. Heaven forbid I should ever have to use it, but it’s easier and faster to show someone what he looks like than to describe him. (I got this idea from photographing my luggage in preparation for an international vacation– which came in handy when I had to file a lost luggage claim!) I suppose giving my petsitter a copy of the photograph, too, couldn’t hurt.

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