Things I wish I knew BEFORE I went to Peru


14.  You aren’t in Americanized Cabo San Lucas. Most of the people will be speaking Spanish in Peru. I know VERY LITTLE Spanish and I made it work with a lot of pointing, laughing, and awkward conversations, but I find that aspect of travel fun. If you don’t enjoy that, I’d suggest getting a translation book.
15.  Don’t get scammed!  Upon my arrival to Cusco I had a lady greet me telling me she could get me an amazing deal to Macchu Picchu. After taking a taxi all the way over to her hostel, she really couldn’t get me that deal at all! They will tell you anything to get you in the door. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
16.  There is a serious lack of warm water in most of the hostels in Peru. Always test your shower first, and if it’s freezing, go tell someone at the front desk. Often times they can adjust the temperature. If you’re staying at a luxury hotel, you might luck out on this.
17.  In Cusco, you can get a 1 hour full body massage for about 15 soles ($5 American dollars)! It’s FANTASTIC!

The feeling of pure joy you will have after receiving a 1 hour massage. And TRUST me, after Machu Picchu you WILL want one.

18. I assumed that wifi might be hard to get, but I didn’t realize to what extent. While the wifi might be a little spotty in your hotels/hostels, and there is certainly no wifi walking around the city, there are definitely quite a few restaurants and pubs that have wifi.

19.  While in Cusco, there are actually a plethora of tour groups doing very similar bookings for Machu Picchu and other excursions.  Walk around and see who has the lowest price! I can tell you I went with American Inca Trail. They are bar none the BEST when it comes to customer service and organization!

20.  Don’t worry about tipping! It’s not necessary.  Well, at least a local told me that so I went with it.

21.  You will want to get yourself a proper pair of hiking boots before you try to hike Macchu Picchu. Yes, people have walked up there in flip flops, but I refuse to believe they did more than the one day up the mountain. I did the 3 day trek and there is NO WAY I would have survived that in flip flops. Be prepared! Unsure how to pick the right pair of hiking boots? Check out the awesome infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes below.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Boots-Infographic (3)


Have you been to Peru? If so, can you add to this list in order to help someone else who may be going soon? What do you wish you knew before you went to Peru?


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    Hi Bobbi.
    First, thanks for your virtual hug, really giving a very warm feelings 🙂

    Secondly, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience you shared here. Article very well written & images are good but needs little improvement (don’t mind just my opinion).

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  3. Zoe

    Have you booked the inca jungle trek in advance?I will go to Cusco this May,and consider if I need to book it through email.And how much you get for inca jungle trek 3D2N?

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