The Craziest PokemonGo Pokestops Travel Guide

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The Craziest PokemonGo 

Pokestops Travel Guide!

If you don’t play it yourself, you probably know someone who does even, if they’re a secret Pokehead!   It’s turned every day average people into Pokezombies, glued to their phone as if they might have an incoming sexually charged text from a lover. Oh wait, kids play this too? Ok, well from the picture above you wouldn’t have guessed so! It’s become a serious addiction to many, and it’s making headlines nearly as often as the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump, or the Olympic games.  PokemonGo has infiltrated our world in so many ways, and like it or not, I think it’s a trend that I believe will stick a while.

So I went out and searched for the craziest Pokestops I could find, and I even found this little list of the most sought after PokemonGo characters in your state.  Check these out, and let me know if you’re out there playing in the comments below.


Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad – Albuquerque, NM


Credit: Reddit user: /u/dudecanto

Double bonus:  Dropping by this one gets you meth and a Pidgey! No, no it doesn’t. But it is kind of cool to say you were there, especially if you’re playing PokemonGo.


Club Z – Seattle, WA


Credit: Reddit user /u/EclecticEel

Seattle really does have everything. A gum wall. A thriving music scene. The world’s ONLY 24/7 mirrored gloryhole maze. Where it stops, nobody knows, but if you can escape without getting scarred, you might snag a mankey. 


SS Alkimos Shipwreck – Perth, Australia


Credit: Reddit user /u/Shaxeeq

This famous shipwreck in Perth, Australia will give you something to swim about. You should just jump in and go find it. What’s the worst that could happen? Go team Valor! 

Whimpey’s Half Ass Acres – Chapel Hill, TN


Credit:  Tumblr user Armzulite

A mini donkey ranch near Nashville?! Forget PokemonGo. I want to go to this purely for the mini donkeys. And what a witty name!


Museum of Sex – New York, NY


Credit: Tumblr user Chillymillie

Museum of Sex? Which Pokemon character is the sexiest? Don’t answer that. That’s just wrong.

Personally, l played PokemonGo a few times and there are so many others things I’d MUCH rather do, but I can’t say it’s the worst time ever if you have good company. I’m well aware of the good things PokemongGo has brought to our lives.  It’s giving anti-social people the chance to talk to others in a virtual world, particularly those with autism.  It’s reviving several businesses due to the fact that players are required to walk to certain Pokestops in order to capture the Pokemon characters.  People are outside again! They are even introducing it at the Olympic games in Rio!

Inevitably though, there are many that had to go and spoil the fun for half of us normal folks. Just recently a man was murdered playing PokemonGo. And I mean, isn’t this truly a pedophile/rapist/murderer’s dream?  You don’t even have to search for your victims!  Oh, and then there’s this story about a woman who actually claims to have been raped by one. What in the heck.

Do you play PokemonGo? How do you feel about the popularity of this virtual game?