5 Inspirational Reasons to Travel Now!



Recently I wrote an article entitled 7 Tips for Female Solo Travel, but with this post I’d like to focus on travel inspiration all genders can relate to!  Everyone has their own reason for traveling, whether it be to resolve their own issues, to be more culturally rounded, to volunteer and give back to communities, or to escape from daily life. Me? I do it for the rush of new experiences.  I do it to broaden my horizons. I do it to understand other cultures and people so that I can be more open-minded and have a global perspective!

1.  Travel will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We all have those moments.  They are the moments that SHAKE US TO THE CORE and make us realize something about ourselves we never imagined possible and never knew was inside of us.  They set us on the correct life path. For me, it was that first moment I stepped foot into the German airport on my 6 week solo Eurotrip, trembling with fear of the unknown and being discombobulated and confused by the ever so gentle German language. I thought everyone was so angry.  Then I realized that’s just German language!  But that was the very moment I fell in love with travel, and it’s been a burning love ever since. Travel is not for everyone. Some people prefer to stick within the confines of their own turf, but I can guarantee you that if you were to take that person and send them to the other side of the world, perhaps even to the other side of America, something within them would be different. They would gain knowledge, they impart that wisdom to others, and they would realize what a tiny little speck of nothing they are in this world. Perhaps they would gain appreciation for their own country.

2.  Travel will help you FIND YOURSELF. There’s a reason Eat, Pray, Love was a bestselling book and hit movie. It’s because in real life, just as in that story, travel evokes something within us that allows us to rediscover and redefine who we are.  Void of the daily stressors of work life rut, we are awakened to the child within us, the person we were before society told us we should become. We remember what makes a tick, what makes us thrive, and what makes us feel alive!  If you haven’t experienced this moment yet, I highly suggest you try traveling ALONE. Take it from me, the small town girl living in a lonely world (oops-hope I didn’t get that song stuck in your head) who just wanted to find her muchness:  YOU CAN DO THIS!


3.  Travel ENHANCES YOUR WORLDVIEW.  Obviously this is very broad and can encompass a variety of topics. For instance, I could tell you that people in Ireland think it’s REALLY WEIRD we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in America.  Don’t you feel smarter for knowing that? Jeopardy is calling your name! But in the larger grand scheme of things, what I mean is that your cultural competence is increased and you can more effectively interact and associate with people of various cultures.  I suppose this isn’t that important if you never plan on associating with people of other cultures but I mean, why wouldn’t you want to?  Come on now, don’t be so Americentric.  I know we have guns, fireworks, apple pie, and troops, and those things are AWESOME, but if we were the greatest country of all do you think we’d have so many school shootings?  Let’s think on the global spectrum here. The closer we come to understanding each other, the more empathy we’ll have, and the better we’ll treat one another. Call me a crazy hippie but that’s how I feel!

4.  Travel MAKES YOU APPRECIATE HOME.  I can’t tell you how many cold showers I took, sometimes days at a time between travel ventures.  There were days I missed my family and friends so much I definitely got something in both my eyes (read: I cried). But do you know what happened eventually?  It made me realize how blessed I am to have all those things. I missed macaroni and cheese, and ICE in my drink (many parts of Europe don’t give you ice in your drink which I thought was very strange), and I missed hearing someone speak my language! Paris was the last stop on my trip, and by that point I was beyond exhausted. I got to the airport too late for the flight and burst into tears.  I actually SLEPT at the airport in order to catch my flight home the next day because I couldn’t wait to get home. Well, and also because I couldn’t stand being lost in Paris anymore!

5.  Travel makes you a STORYTELLER. I’ve never run out of topics of conversation at social events because if I ever do, I reach into my bag of travel stories and whip one out. Oh, have you seen Jimmy Kimmel?  Did I ever tell you about the time I went backstage into his green room?   Or, how I rode through the Tuscany hills on the back of a scooter? Or how I ate goat cheese with my toes at the Eiffel Tower? Of course, if you don’t care to be a storyteller, there’s always room on the wall for one more wallflower I’m sure. I’m teasing, but if you ever want an endless list of things to talk about, you should start traveling NOW!


What made you begin traveling and what inspires you to continue doing it? I’d love to hear from the peanut gallery! 




43 thoughts on “5 Inspirational Reasons to Travel Now!

  1. anna

    For me, it was the daily interactions with people from all walks of life that made me love traveling! Great read!

  2. Jen Seligmann

    100% agree with everything you said in this post Bobbi. I’m a big believer in travelling when your young. Getting out of my home country and my comfort zone in my early twenties helped me to become less reliant on others and mo mature.
    Jen Seligmann recently posted…Annecy Photo GalleryMy Profile

  3. Marie-Carmen

    I think travelling is truly an eye opener and I’ve been really lucky to grow up with a family that made me travel as soon as I was able to walk and it just opened my eyes to a world full of beauty and diversity.
    I can only agree with you, if you can travel then you should. Just to see what the world has to offer at least and maybe discover something new about yourself.
    Marie-Carmen recently posted…Suzhou, the Venice of the EastMy Profile

  4. Danka

    I really like your writing style. It is easy to read and I enjoyed it very much.
    I would say my whole family got bit by the travel bug since we all travel pretty much all the time, but if I had to go back in time, I’d say my mum, my dad and my grandpa were the initiators of my traveling life. My mum gave me a little globe when I was a little kid, my dad started to teach me German when I was in kindergarten and my grandpa sent me my first postcard – from India. Since then I knew that the world will be my home and playground at the same time. I can’t get enough of the feeling when i travel to a new country. It is like a drug!

  5. Mia

    You hit on every point I make when I tell people why I love to travel! I think people should see other parts of the world so they can learn who they really are. I lived abroad for two years and I took a little bit from each country and incorporated it into who I am right now. Great, great, great post!
    Mia recently posted…Belize 101My Profile

  6. karla

    Travel taught me a lot of things in my life and I think I learned a lot from traveling more than I did in school. It teaches you real life experiences, to be adaptive, responsive and push yourself to the limits. I agree with this article a lot especially “hey are the moments that SHAKE US TO THE CORE and make us realize something about ourselves we never imagined possible and never knew was inside of us. ” — I tell myself, I wont know if I ever enjoy something unless I give it a try. Besides, what is there to lose ?
    karla recently posted…Comment on Northern Cebu: Diving in Malapascua by Marta GriloMy Profile

  7. Ynah CA

    I agree! Traveling around the world and seeing people in all sorts of circumstances makes me appreciate my freedom more and more. I don’t think people can truly appreciate what they have until you travel somewhere and are faced with abject poverty, or to a place where people don’t have the same freedoms we are blessed with back home. That is where I consider myself lucky, and I don’t think I would have ever come to that realization without traveling far and wide.

  8. Mary

    I love number 3! So accurate! Since I started traveling, it made me grew up quickly, it made me matured right away and I love it. I don’t usually like talking to people but since I travel, I enjoy convincing every people I met to do traveling 🙂 Great article!

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  9. Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust

    Great Post! I love who I am when I travel. I am more relaxed, more adventurous, more open to try new things, and more fun. With our kids everything is a learning experience, a moment and a memory for a lifetime. There is nothing better than traveling, and even better with your kids!
    Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust recently posted…World Rhino DayMy Profile

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  11. Deirdre Gunn

    Hi! I started traveling from birth, because my father has wanderlust, and passed it down, plus he’s a great amateur photographer, and I’ve been bitten since age 5 with that bug as well!

    I think the best trip of my life was when I took a job in the Netherlands for 2 years, lived at the studio, learned to speak Dutch fluently, and went anywhere I wanted in my spare time. I had a beautiful cabin in Belgium that I was allowed to use from time to time, with no running water (yes, there was an outhouse!) and no electricity, but it had gas for cooking and heat. I would have lived there forever! It was in the Ardennes, and the nearest town had haunted castle ruins, and everything I needed. My nearest neighbors were cows when I was there in my cabin paradise, lol.

    Cooking is another passion and motivation, and I have shared that almost as much as my photography!

    I have traveled the US extensively, and also Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, and that corner of the world. Colder climates are most appealing, and if there is interesting history, I can’t be stopped!

    I can’t wait to hear about your next trip!

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  13. WanderingFeetPH

    Totally agree with this list. Traveling made me realize a lot of things. It made me change my life perspective and also find myself along the way. Traveling also made me appreciate the diversity of the cultures around the world. Lastly, it made me a storyteller as I do also blog my whereabouts and my experiences!

    Great post btw!!!

  14. Nitin Sharma

    Thanks for writing this in-depth post. You covered every angle. The great thing is you can reference different parts. It’s not just a skeleton but these things “got meat on her bones.”

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