Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults in South Florida


unique birthday for ideas for adults

When trying to plan a party for an adult in south Florida, there are many options to consider.  What kind of activities would allow this person to have a memorable experience? Where are the best places to celebrate this person’s birthday? What is your budget? Unique birthday party ideas seem to be far and between these days.

In fact, a google search for birthday party ideas in Florida will bring up some of the most generic birthday ideas. No, you don’t want another boring art or cycle party!   You want to celebrate turning 30 (AGAIN) in an alternative way.

Try these birthday suggestions to have yourself a REAL extravaganza.  By the way, some of these aren’t even Florida specific but you get the picture.

Mock Olympics Birthday Party

If you want to be ultra creative, having an Olympics with totally off-the-wall events is just the ticket. You could have events such as water balloon shot put, a 100 meter dash holding a spoon and egg in your mouth, or something funny specifically created around the birthday person’s interests.

For example if they liked travel you could have a long jump where each country reached equals a certain amount of points.  Of course, at the end you will need to tally up all those points and declare a winner!  If you want to kick it up one more notch, you could host your mock Olympics wearing mythological or Greek costumes at The Gulfstream Park and Casino where the mythological Pegasus and Dragon exist!   

Host a Fundraiser Birthday Party

unique birthday party ideas for adults

It seems these days, a social cause will persuade more people to attend an event than any regular party. Thanks a lot social justice warriors!  Just joking of course, because we need all the help we can get to raise funds for important causes.

Of course, you might need a large venue or banquet hall to throw this innovative adult birthday shindig. Don’t sweat it! I’ve got the perfect Hollywood, Florida location for you, and it is 2,000 sq. feet and houses up to 140 people. By celebrating your birthday party with a fundraiser at Hollywood Events, you can really give back to the world in an awesome way!

To make your birthday party a little extra, have a pinata and say whoever snags the most candy can deliver the money to the charitable cause with you! Or, if you really want, allow them to be the one who gives you the birthday spankings.

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

I have actually been to a scavenger hunt party before and it was an absolute riot! There are a few different ways you could do this.

You could have people split up into teams and go find things around the city.

You could assign random things to people when they walk in the door (this really adds suspense) and then when you give all guests the scavenger hunt list later they will have to find the items you have assigned the other guests.  (ie find the person whose birthday is in May to get your paperclip)  Obviously, this allows for people who don’t know one another to break the ice as well, even though it is not that difficult of a scavenger hunt.

Theme Birthday Party

unique birthday party ideas for adults south florida

Not to brag, but I am the queen of theme parties, so it appears I am going to brag about it after all.  Here are some ideas of theme parties you could have:  an ABC (anything but clothes) theme party in which people wear flags, newspapers, recycled material, or anything that is not generally clothing material. As you can see above, I am wearing laminated business cards.

Other birthday idea themes include: rockstar theme party, decade theme party, superhero theme party, hawaiian luau theme party, celebrity theme party, toga party, pajama theme party, and a nerd theme party.  The list is endless!

In keeping in line with the theme birthday parties, you could have a mermaid/merman bash!  Doesn’t every guy want to be a merman these days?  Well, there are probably more women that want to be mermaids.

Either way, if you want to throw on your favorite tail and head on over to the Wreck Bar in Ft Lauderdale, they would likely welcome you with open warms. They have mermaids perform on the weekends there! Just keep in mind, they wouldn’t be able to hold as many people as this venue might.

Monkey Jungle Birthday Party 

If the person you are throwing the party for is an animal lover, scope out Monkey Jungle in Miami!  Experience the Amazonian rainforest, (the only semi-tropical natural rainforest in North America), the wild monkey swimming pool, the cameroon gorilla forest, and the parrot sanctuary.  Maybe if you are lucky, they will let you dress up as an animal yourself!

Well, there you have it!  This list of unique birthday party ideas for adults in South Florida will should get you amped up for you or your friends next birthday celebration. There are so many options in Florida where an adult can throw a birthday party that it can be overwhelming. However, if you get creative and hone in on the birthday guests interests, you can throw an amazing party that will be somewhat affordable.

Have any other unique birthday party ideas for adults in south Florida you want to suggest? Fire away!

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