Best Places to Visit in Australia and New Zealand


Best Places to Visit in Australia and New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand are amazing countries to visit and to fall in love with the breathtaking nature. Start planning your trip now!

Australia and New Zealand are remote countries that intrigue even the most experienced tourists. They are renowned for their spectacular scenery and people flock there for the opportunity to relax or dive into an adventure!

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Best places to visit in New Zealand

Hamilton Gardens

Both countries have stunning nature and a lot of things to do while traveling. Here, we will mention only few destinations that are considered must-visit sites.

The most attractive places for tourists in New Zealand are:

  1. Coromandel Peninsula and Waikato with its best sites to attend: Waikato Museum, Gloworm cave, Te Awamutu Museum and Hamilton Gardens

This area is mostly known for amazing beaches, forests and coastlines. This is the place where you can find out more about gold mining history and engage yourself in canyoning adventure in the Kauaeranga Valley Sleeping God Canyon.

  1. The best natural landscapes can be found in South Island. For those who can appreciate good wine and wildlife – this is the best place to spent vacation.
  2. North Island gives a chance to witness thrilling landscapes, and to relax on magnificent beaches. Let yourself be consumed by Maori culture. Here you will find the famous Ninety-Mile Beach which is 88 kilometres long.
Best places to visit in Australia

Purnululu National Park

Apart from its capital Australia has a lot of other interesting cities to visit. But here we will mention that the national parks are the real treasure:

  1. Purnululu National Park is located in Western part of the country and was declared as national park in 1987. This place has exceptional natural value and rich biodiversity.
  2. Royal national park is located in Sydney, New South Wales.This park was created for local residents to relax and entertain themselves. It is the second declared national park after the Yellowstone National Park in the US.
  3. Flinders Ranges National Park has historical value as the ruins of early settlement and various fossil remains were discovered here. Also, it shelters many unique animals and plants. If you are planning to visit this place, be sure to attend Wilpena Pound that looks like a giant crater.


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Even if you don’t have time to visit every popular spot rest assured that you will be amazed by the raw attractiveness and richness of beauty in these countries. Seeing the most awe-inspiring places in the country will make you want to return over and over again!  Don’t forget though, if you happen to be coming from the UK, make sure to get the best exchange rate by exchanging pound to AUD before your trip!  

What else would you include in the best places to visit in Australia and New Zealand?