Work With Me!

In this crazy thing called life, I truly believe EVERYONE has a gift that makes them special!  

Some of you just don’t know it, haven’t found it yet, or don’t care to follow it. I have been blessed with the ability to easily make connections with people from any walk of life. I believe this skill is what eventually landed me in the world of social media management/consulting. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with others, and seeing other people form bonds THROUGH me gives me a sick thrill. I can work a room at a party like nobody’s business. My gifts also include the ability to write, create hype for an event, produce visually appealing content, inspire others and show them how to be happy (I’ve been told I’m abnormally happy most of the time), and social media market like Justin Timberlake can dance. And obviously, I have some knowledge of WordPress.

Would you like me to write about a specific destination or hotel/hostel/resort for you? Do you have a travel product that needs testing?

I am now accepting commissions to write about any and all destinations and to review travel related products.

Do you need a blogger/writer?

Do you enjoy reading what I’ve written? I can write/blog about many things, but I prefer certain topics: Travel, Inspiration, Comedy, Relationships, Health/Fitness/Yoga, Music, Consciousness, Technology, Business. I can write in a variety of ways, but I prefer writing in a humorous or inspirational tone.

Do you need stimulating visual content?

High resolution photos with text overlays make a huge difference in the world of social media. I can produce this for you!

Do you need a growth hacker/event specialist?

What does this mean exactly? Well, I will attend every and any networking event I can in person or online to spread your business name like wildfire. This is separate from social media marketing.

Do you need a social media presence?

I have been a social media manager and consultant for nearly 4 years and am skilled in this arena. What do you need for your business? I am adept at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube channels but I DO prefer certain industries, especially TRAVEL, fashion, weddings, inspiration, consciousness, and celebrity news or profiles. Contact me!

Do you need a FUN Purveyor/Brand Ambassador/Sponsor?

This sounds silly but there are some people out there who need people to liven up the party, if not them. I’ve been called a firecracker. I make people feel at ease and help them let loose. Some people may be really smart, but are completely LOST when it comes to social situations. I’ll help you out! As far as businesses are concerned, I’ve been a brand ambassador off and on for 5 years, I’m super energetic, am nearly always positive, and can promote your brand like a rockstar.

Just need to ask me a question or have a comment?


The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail at bobbi.gould@yahoo.com