Doing This ONE Thing in the Shower Will Elevate Your Mindset

Doing this ONE thing in the shower will elevate your mindset!


doing this one thing in the shower will elevate your mindset


Oh hi, was it the word shower that caught your attention, or the word mindset? Perhaps both. Either way, you made it here. I am proud of you. So, let’s cut to the chase. How on earth do you increase your confidence by doing one simple thing while in you’re in the shower?

Hint: you can do this outside of the shower too.  I just knew that people who want to save time will want to get things done quick.  A shower is usually quick. (unless you’re me) Hey, I am a master at relaxation.

The science behind the power pose



The thing you can do is put your hands on hips in a wonder woman stance!  Sound crazy? I know it does. But the reality is, there was a study done which proves that maintaining this pose for JUST 2 minutes actually increases your testosterone level by a whopping 20% AND reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone). An increase in testosterone thus increases your confidence! An increase in confidence elevates your mindset!

Yes, you heard me right. Just like animals in a jungle, puffing up our chest, and extending our bodies to feel “bigger” actually works. Isn’t science grand?

Fret not manly men who would not dare be scene taking this power pose. It is not only the wonder woman stance that will create this testosterone boost. Other power poses include putting your feet on the desk, rolling your shoulders back and crossing your arms, planting your hands on the table and leaning forward, and weirdly, squinting your eyes.

Have you ever heard of this? Have you tried it!? 


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