Where to Rest Your Head in Scottsdale Arizona

best place to rest your head scottsdale arizona

I’ve been galavanting around so much the last few months trying to avoid winter like the plague that I haven’t had a chance to update anyone on where I stayed when I had my adventure with Experience Scottsdale.  (If you have never visited Arizona at all, this is also a great article to start with!)

As it turns out, traveling around full-time (versus part-time) and keeping up with the business is quite the juggling act but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. I basically am constantly feeling like I can’t have fun even when I am traveling because I am aware that I have so many other obligations to fulfill. Is this what being a mom feels like? I suppose I did birth a blogging business about 3 years ago so I’ll go with that.

where to rest your head scottsdale arizona

Pic credit: Erika Beach at With Love Paper and Wine

Anyhow, when I was in Scottsdale, I stayed at a ROCKSTAR luxurious Airbnb that I insist you must check out. The initial entrance to the Airbnb accommodations were stunning. The space is very open, decorated immaculately, and with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, it can sleep up to 16 people!  Trust me when I say there is no shortage of entertainment or places to entertain.  With two large bars, a BBQ, and other surprises, it’s the perfect place for weddings, reunions, and events.

The particular estate I slept at is also equipped with a huge backyard consisting of a resort pool, huge hot tub and blue crystal fire pit for as little as $175 per night. Being only 5 minutes from old town Scottdale is also a definite perk. For additional luxury home rentals in Scottsdale, you can check out The Platinum Rental Experience.

The Saguaro

best place to rest your head scottsdale arizona

For additional places to rest your head in Scottsdale, I know that the Saguaro is also a hotspot with its eye popping colors, cabanas and fun accent walls. I’d have to say it is one of the most instagrammable and trendiest accommodations in Scottsdale, let alone in the state of Arizona!  What do you think?!

BeSpoke Inn

(Pic credit:  Booking.com)

If you’re seeking a great hybrid between a resort and a bed and breakfast, look no further than the Bespoke Inn.  This one-of-a-kind destination is known for dishing out complimentary British Pashley bicycles so that guests can go explore Scottsdale on their own accord. Did I mention they also have a gorgeous 43-foot-long infinity lap pool?   


SmokeTree Resort and Bungalows

(Pic credit: My Funkie Junkie blog)

If you’re looking for a place that is a bit on the quirky side, has more of a suite feel, and is easier on the wallet, I’ve been itching to scope out the SmokeTree Resort and Bungalows in Scottsdale. All the reviews state that it is a cozy off the beaten path hidden gem and is half a century old!  How could I not want to see this home away from home?!

Fairmont Princess Scottsdale

best place to rest your head scottsdale

If you are craving the ultimate opulent experience, I’d have to refer you to the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale. This 5 star hotel that has world-class restaurants, breathtaking pools, and a seemingly endless amount of luxury amenities. This includes 6 pools and 2 championship golf courses, and an amazing spa!  If you’ve ever been to an event there, you know they go all out to provide the ultimate experience and excellent service.

Phoenix Hostel and Cultural Center

Of course, you know I always like to provide a wide range of budget options, but I will tell you in advance, Scottsdale is not a budget suburb of Phoenix. If you’re looking for ultra budget, I’d suggest driving the extra 20 minutes cross town and checking out the Phoenix hostel.

It was nothing to write home about, but there wasn’t anything extremely dirty and service was good. Overall, I enjoyed my stay there and you can’t beat the location. The Roosevelt neighborhood (arts district) is by far the best in Phoenix as you can wander around and check out the street art!

*My special thanks to this hosted stay by the Platinum Rental Experience.  Although my visit was complimentary, all opinions are as always, my own.

So, take your pick!  Where would you stay if you could rest your head anywhere in Scottsdale, Arizona?








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