My Gift Stop Valentine’s Day $500 Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is upon us people! You know, that super commercialized day where you’re supposed to do something extraordinary for the special person in your life who has seen you at your worst.(and can vouch for the fact you really do pass gas but are still perfect).

What are you going to do?  Roses are so… basic, but then if you don’t get them and everyone in the office does you look like the bad guy. Men are even more difficult to buy for because some of them just really don’t want anything so sappy. Even if they are somewhat romantic, flowers and a pedi don’t exactly do the trick. I’d say shopping online is the way to go, (does anyone go to malls anymore?) and My Gift Stop is your best bet in order to buy Valentine’s gifts online.

You could not get something and be hipster about it, but then you find out your spouse’s friends are receiving gifts so you don’t want to look like the big jerk who didn’t buy SOMETHING. The pressure is real, and it’s mounting!

I’d highly encourage you to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for men that double duty as gifts for you! By that, I mean purchasing cologne so that he smells nice in your presence. I mean, it is basically the equivalent of lingerie isn’t it? Or go crazy and get him that beard trimmer he has (you’ve?) always wanted.

While you’re at it, you have to check out the Valentine’s Day giveaway that My Gift Stop is having where you could win $500 to spend at My Gift Stop on clothes, shoes, watches, electronics, home goodies, or anything on their site your little heart desires. I’d have to say that is a pretty sweet deal, don’t you?

If I were you, I’d check out the inflatable sleeping pads they have and send yourself on a whirlwind camping adventure to Yosemite National Park or go trek in Peru. Those places just ooze non stop beauty!

So, what are YOU doing for Valentine’s Day? Stop by My Gift Stop and see what they have to offer!

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