Luxury Travel for Budget Minded People

Luxury Travel for Budget Minded People


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Often when we talk about luxurious traveling, it’s geared to the elite with no budgetary concerns. Yet, there is a group of the population, let’s call them middle class people, who are looking for something beyond staying at a KOA campground yet not in 5 star hotel. We have curated a list of fantastic resorts that are budget friendly and yet make you feel like a million bucks and all within the continental United States.

Charleston, South Carolina

luxury travel budget minded people

Charleston is home to high quality and southern hospitality. The Vendue is a chic downtown hotel that will whisk you away to another time and leave you yearning for more. Start your day off with a full Southern breakfast and then head out for a wonderful bicycle excursion along the beach. Spend your afternoon at the manager’s reception and meet other guests staying in the hotel and end your evening with cookies and milk. This hotel also features a Rooftop Restaurant and Bar to watch the sunset and see the city come to life at dusk.

Clermont, Florida

Florida is a destination trip for folks who want to hit the beach or want to visit Disney World. Summer Bay Resort is a perfect spot for luxury and for convenience. The hotel itself features all the luxury in the room one can desire and has a few extras onsite. The ultimate reason to stay at this resort is for their very own waterpark. They also have a lakefront beach, six pools and hot tubs, and 3 dining options. If you are wanting to visit Disney World they are conveniently 10 miles away and offer a shuttle to the park, saving you the hassle of driving over.

San Diego, California

A stay at the Welk resorts San Diego is the first stop on the list of places for affordable, yet luxurious, vacationing. San Diego is home to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, and countless museums and art galleries. Spend a day with loved ones exploring the town and come back to a room fit for a King & Queen. If you are feeling extra stressed, take some time to visit the spa for some extra pampering.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known for its luxurious hotels and all-night party attitude. For a fantastic getaway, Mandala Bay offers luxury at a fair price. Pro-tip: Check popular books sites such as PriceLine or Booking.com to get the best deal possible on your room. The hotel features gorgeous pools and popular shows in the hotel, making entertainment easy to get to without having to leave. Las Vegas can be pricey but if you spend some time being careful, you can find ways to save while on your trip. Take food into your hotel room rather than eating out. Also look for any free events you can go to. And of course, check out Groupon for discounts to shows.

Ludlow, Vermont

luxury travel budget minded

Ludlow may not sound like a luxurious area but this is Vermont. Vermont is one luxurious state and their resorts reflect that! Castle Hill Resort & Spa is one of the most popular resorts in the entire state. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of Historic Hotels of America. This boutique hotel offers all the luxurious amenities one would desire and creates a lovely European feel while nestled in the Green Mountains. The Castle features 10 rooms, each uniquely designed and decorated so that you don’t feel like you are staying in a typical hotel room. There is of course a spa so that you can pamper yourself properly and a fitness center should you desire a vigorous workout. While Ludlow is known for skiing, there are plenty of other things to do in town. Aside from the usual quaint shops and cafes there are museums, theaters, and you could tour the home of President Coolidge.

Luxury travel is available to all of us. It just takes a little digging and a little financial savvy to find the best deals for your budget. After all, you deserve to be treated as royalty on your next vacation!

Are there any places you would consider luxurious, yet budget conscious and affordable?


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