Social Media Secrets Essential To Your Business

social media secrets essential business

With 5 years of social media management under my belt, I felt it was finally time to expose the social media secrets essential to your business. The truth is, I think that a lot of people don’t understand how much time and interaction actually goes into being a social media manager. It can be a real time suck to get lost in the social media universe. Sometimes I find myself trying to double tap screens as if I’m on Instagram all the time and I’ve literally had something close to a blister on my finger from holding my phone so long. YIKES!

HOWEVER, what you might not realize is that there are a plethora of tools that can easily be used to succeed in social media marketing as well. The social media secrets essential to your business are not rocket science. They’re not going to blow your mind. They’re simply tips and tools you haven’t put into action yet!


A social media managers dirty little secret? We use automation tools to make the time suck that is social media more manageable and efficient and you should be too. Sometimes we sync your Twitter in with your Facebook so that your Facebook posts actually post on Twitter at the same time. This is not recommended for a full scale social media plan, but if you don’t want to spend a great deal of time on Twitter it’s a possibility.

***PRO TIP:  Social media automation SHOULD NOT take the place of actual engagement. You should actually be doing both.

One tool that is INCREDIBLE for automating social media efforts is called Massplanner! Massplanner does complete scheduling and automation for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. The difference between this tool and others is that you can reach groups within your Facebook and group boards on Pinterest! You can try it for 5 days FREE, or grab the monthly license at only $9.95/month.

***PRO TIP:  Using the modules, ESPECIALLY the Instagram one, is EXTRA beneficial!

Social Media Content Plan/scheduling

You didn’t start your business without having a business plan or mission, so you wouldn’t want to do the same thing with social media. Have a plan and set some target goals. Write content that is both INTRIGUING and USEFUL.  Are there any special days coming up in your field of business? Incorporate that! What times and days are best to post your content?  Post it then! Make sure you SCHEDULE it so you don’t spend all day going back and forth between platforms.  Hootsuite and Buffer are two very well known scheduling tools that make scheduling a snap and have very good FREE basic platforms. They also have paid platforms as well!

***PRO TIP:  Schedule the content to be produced according to the time YOUR AUDIENCE is active. For most people this is generally during the lunch time (12-1) on weekdays, and also around 5 pm but it can vary. Use analytics to determine when your audience is most active. (see below for analytics tips and tools)

Listen First

Part of social media includes listening to what is trending online! There are a great deal of sites that you can use to actually see what others are talking about or search the web for articles related to your business topic.

FREE TOOLS:  Icerocket, Content Gems, and blogsearch.google.com

PAID TOOLS: Radian6.com, Scoutlabs.com


Each social media platform has a different site you can use to determine proper analytics, and some include several platforms. Utilizing analytics is a signifcant part of social media secrets essential for your business. Learn them! I have listed them below for your convenience because I love you that much and keeping secrets is not my forte.

PINTEREST:  Tailwind is the best site for analytics on Pinterest! You can even sync Instagram to Pinterest so that you can re-post pictures from Instagram to Pinterest. The basic level is FREE

FACEBOOK:  Facebook has their own Insights, that when used correctly work perfectly for basic level analytics.  The best part is that they’re FREE!

INSTAGRAM:  For Instagram, I’d highly suggest using Iconosquare. Although you now have to pay for Iconosqaure, they do have a free trail and the paid version is WORTH IT!

TWITTER:  Twitter also has their own analytics that work awesome for basic analytics. If you have a Twitter account, then you have Twitter ads!  Simply go to https://ads.twitter.com/ and sign in with your regular Twitter credentials. See more about that on this article from Social Media Examiner. This link includes 10 other Twitter tools you can look at to determine which analytics are best for you.

SumallSprout Social, and Simply Measured are all analytics tools that assist you in figuring out the best time to schedule your post! While Sumall can be glitchy, it is pretty good for a free option. You have to pay for the other two.

Engage! engage! engage!

One of the largest problems businesses seem to have in regard to social media is the engagement aspect, which is absolutely crucial to your success. Think about the last time you were at a party and you met someone knew for the first time. Would you talk non-stop, never allowing the other person to have an actual conversation with you? If you are constantly posting your OWN content, and never engaging or asking questions of others, YOU are that annoying person at that party!  Don’t be the a doof. Engage. Ask questions. Be authentic.

Join a Facebook Social Media Networking Group

if all else fails, join a social media networking group on Facebook. Although some of us are very experienced, social media evolves so much it’s hard for us to keep an eye on EVERYTHING.

I hope you have learned that the social media secrets essential to your business are actionable tasks that you can complete daily! It isn’t overwhelming when you take it day by day, one step at a time.

Is there anything you’d like to learn more about in regards to social media? Do you have a secret you can share? I don’t pretend to be the all-knowing social media master. Hit me up below! Let’s talk about it!


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    Thanks for this post- lots of helpful hints together in one place. Are there any particular Facebook social media networking groups that you’d recommend?

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