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I decided it’s time for all of you to take a little peek into my world and see what it’s like to tackle being a travel blogger. I am learning new things constantly and while at times it is infuriating running this whole operation by myself, I also KNOW I’ll get there. (or die trying)

Well, the best thing that has finally happened to my blog as of recently is that I FINALLY got my RSS feed fixed. I’m not even sure how the heck it happened. Did karma finally come back to me in the midst of a mercury retrograde?  Why yes, yes it did! Ok, enough hippie babble.  That is amazing for 2 reasons:  1.  It means I can connect to Feedburner. 2.  It also means I can finally officially connect to Bloglovin, and that means you can as well!  Click on the link provided at the top of this post to check it out!

I actually have a few subscribers now, so the next step in my journey is to figure out Mailchimp a little better so that I can actually send them goodies!  I have no idea what to use to prompt others to sign up for my e-mail list more, but maybe the time has come for me to formulate an e-book.  My numbers are steadily increasing each month and I am on set to have at least 1,500 pageviews this month. I just won a newbie blogger award and am also thinking I need to create a press kit STAT!  What do you guys think? Is it ever too early for a press kit?

I’ve actually been considering re-branding the blog into a lifestyle blog to include more writing subjects. I just can’t come up with a good domain name to incorporate it all but I also think I shouldn’t underestimate the power of a niche travel blog like I have. Ideas?!  I’m always open to feedback as long as you aren’t just being a hater. Haters need not apply.

THANK YOU so much for following me on my journey and checking out my blogging update. I’ll do a blogging update once a month so you newbies have an idea of what to expect! Travel out loud!


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37 thoughts on “Monthly Blogging Update!

  1. Tami

    My first month with over 1000 views made me so happy. I’m fairly new as well – just started in January, and I still have a lot to learn (but I’ve learned a lot already). I still don’t have a media kit, but suppose I should, since I have been pitching to local organizations. And I feel your pain over choosing a name. But don’t sweat it. Even if you find what you love, it might already be taken. Have several second choices! And I don’t even know what Feedburner is (but I am on Bloglovin’), so I guess it’s all good! So happy we can be part of a community of travel bloggers who will help us out and answer our questions.
    Tami recently posted…Five Seattle FavoritesMy Profile

    1. admin Post author

      It’s so nice to know there are people along in this struggle with me! I’ve been doing it for like a year, but not that seriously up until January because I was working so much on paid work. I don’t know how people have day jobs, relationships, AND do this! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Ryder Joslin

    Congrats with your recent successes on pageviews and your award! I’m with you on figuring our Mail Chimp. That’s definitely on my (ever-growing) list of things to do for our site. As for the press-kit, I’m fairly new to blogging as well, but I’m going to a blogging conference next month so I feel like I should make one! Guess it’s never too early…
    Jennifer Ryder Joslin recently posted…Teaching English in VietnamMy Profile

  3. Toccara

    Congrats on new beginnings! Everyone’s got to start somewhere and it sounds like you’re off to a great start! It’s never too early to create a media kit. If you think your numbers aren’t too impressive, instead focus on what makes you stand out and what makes your blog unique! 🙂 I recommend attending some blogging conferences and learning some of the tricks of the trade from those who were once where you are now. Best of luck to you!
    Toccara recently posted…100 Days on the RoadMy Profile

    1. http://www./

      Glad you are seeing the light and stopping this draconian behaviour……..After all, people are volunteering their time to make this site successful…. Let them feel appreciated…

  4. Carol

    Great news about getting the RSS feed fixed. I know how frustrating those technical glitches can be. I spend two weeks trying to get a feature box working correctly to collect email addresses for my newsletter. It’s finally working well and it was worth it. You’ll need something as a bonus to sign up for your newsletter. There are some good articles on serious bloggers only that address different bonus offers. best of luck to you.
    Carol recently posted…Warning: The Air In Your Home Isn’t Healthy! Four Ways to Fix ItMy Profile

  5. Paola

    You know, rebranding is quite a night mare, and all the extras added aswell, but it is so worth it! So go ahead and do it, just remember to keep yourself positive to go through it all!!!

  6. Denay DeGuzman

    Right now I have three sites: a niche website, a lifestyle blog, and a destination tourism site as in a side life my husband and I are travel bloggers for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My advice is to stay with one site and make it awesome! If you’d like to have a lifestyle blog, then incorporate your travel blog into one main category of the lifestyle site. Believe me, it’s so much easier to concentrate on building and maintaining one site versus two or three. And congratulations on reaching 1,500 monthly page views! 🙂
    Denay DeGuzman recently posted…How to Spark Creativity: A Fresh New StrategyMy Profile

  7. Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust

    Good for your, I too am new to this, just started in March of this year. And, like you, doing it all by myself and figuring it out as I go. Reading a lot of tutorial, lots of blogs, and doing the best I can. It is infuriating, exciting, disappointing and rewarding every single day. It is a TON of hard work, but I am loving every minute of it! Good luck to you, you are doing great. Are you going to TBEX?
    Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust recently posted…Lion CubsMy Profile

  8. Becki S

    Sounds like we are in about the same place in our blog land journey! I have also been toying with the idea of an e-book with another blogger friend of mine. The idea of a media kit slightly overwhelms me, I am just beginning to feel comfortable on twitter!
    Becki S recently posted…Me and My Knee SlevesMy Profile

  9. Jay

    While I never get to hang out with you cause your so busy, at least your rocking the blog. Glad to see the RSS got fixed that must have been a pain ;), love your stories , another thunderstorm on the way today!

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